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PUBG Update 6.3: Weapon Balancing and the Panzerfaust


Another update is hitting the floor for PUBG and this one is bringing in the heavy artillery. Update 6.3 is live, and it is bringing in a lot from quality of life fixes, to new weapons for players to take into battle. Individual weapons are also getting fine-tuned so they can better suit the players needs. Community feedback has had a lot to do with the changes made in this update, so are any of these new additions ones you were looking for?

The Panzerfaust

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

First up is the biggest new addition to PUBG. Possibly the most explosive weapon has been brought into the game, and that weapon is the dreaded Panzerfaust. This monster launcher has a powerful area of effect blast that will blow your enemies away. This weapon brings a whole new dynamic to the primary weapon slot. The rocket is very fast, and a smart player may be able to dodge it before it makes impact. The blast will also fire out of the back of the weapon, so if you aren’t careful, you might blow away your friends.

An Explosive Exclusive

Image courtesy of Polygon

This weapon is currently exclusive to Karakin, so you will have to get used to using it in a smaller space. It won’t be too hard to find, as these are being dropped in as an uncommon spawn. They will also be in every airdrop. The projectile will explode upon impact, but a keen player may be able to shoot it out of the air. A thin wall will not be able to protect a player from the blast, so your best option is running away and hoping you don’t get caught up in the blast. These will also work just like the sticky bombs, taking out destroyable walls. With all of the power that this thing packs, it has one major downfall. Once you fire it, it’s gone. You only get one chance to hit your target with the Panzerfaust, so don’t miss.

Weapon Balancing

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

The next major change is coming to many of the usual weapons. There are a lot of weapons getting some balancing. Here are some of the major changes. The Tommy Gun is going to be a lot stronger now, with new attachment slots. It now has an upper rail for red dot and holo sights to improve your aim. Its fire rate has also increased from 700 to 750 along with its general accuracy boost. The M249 has been removed from care packages and dropped into the normal loot spawn. It now has a stock and magazine attachment slot. It has also had its damage increased from 45 to 50.

The UMP-45 has had a power increase in all aspects. Its damage has gone up from 39 to 41 and its rate of fire is boosted from 650 to 670. This makes a fan-favorite even more deadly to opponents. Finally, the DBS has been removed from all care packages and will now spawn with general loot.

Alongside those big changes, there have been many bug fixes including map texture display, realigning of the blue zone, and mission improvements. Be sure to jump into PUBG and check out all of these new changes.

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Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

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