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PUBG Update 6.1: Season Six and Karakin


With the arrival of the new map Karakin in PUBG, Update 6.1 has also brought a lot of new features to the table. From the beginning of season six to some minor bug fixes in game, there are a lot of new changes. Karakin has been fine tuned to please players and all of the new features along with it are adding a lot of extra layers to gameplay. Some changes have already come to Karakin since its arrival on the test server, so what changes can you plan to see?

Karakin Loot Balance

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

One of the first major changes brought in by 6.1 is a loot increase on Karakin. After feedback from the test server, loot has been rebalanced and increased. The main goal of this new rebalance is to ensure that players are able to drop in and get enough decent loot to last in the match. Originally, players felt that it was difficult to get the best loot due to the fact that a lot of it was hidden away behind the new breach mechanic. Now, you won’t have to worry about that too much with plenty of loot waiting above ground.

The Motor Glider

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

The Motor Glider is now on live servers, so players can be ready to take to the skies and fight off opponents. 10 Motor Gliders will spawn across the map on Erangel and Miramar and there will be 40 possible locations for their spawn. As discussed before, the Motor Glider has two seats. One for the pilot and one for a passenger to rain down fire from above. Be sure to seek out one of these new machines so you can see all that it has to offer.

Survivor Pass

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The new Survivor Pass has arrived and the theme this time around is Shakedown. This pass includes community missions where everyone can work together to earn rewards. As players fill up the gauge, they will earn skins and learn the story of the new map. This gauge will be filled as players explore the battleground. Players will be able to find cardboard boxes that will contain loot. This loot will be what fills gets everyone to the milestone. Players should not pass up the chance to open one up and see what is inside.

Alongside the community missions, players will have season and progression missions. Season missions will be released in three tracks monthly in January, February, and March. The progression missions will give players a large amount of XP with missions of varying difficulty. Milestones will be rewarded when goal sets have been achieved.

Matchmaking Changes

Finally, some changes have come to matchmaking overall. Vikendi has been removed from matchmaking for the time being and has been replaced with Karakin. While Vikendi is off the charts it will be getting a massive revamp. This will work out all of the kinks and improve its overall performance. Along with that the Vikendi exclusive weapons will possibly be added to other maps in the future. The MP5K and the G36C are fan favorites, so players should keep their eyes out for more news of this in the future.

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Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp

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