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PUBG Update #29: Vikendi and Snipers


As PUBG continues to improve its gameplay to better fit the players, another update has come around. Update 29 is bringing a lot of new additions to the table, most of them apply to the newest map: Vikendi. With everything from loot balances to general improvements, Update 29 is sure to make players happy, from those that are casual, to those that play to win every game.

Survivor Pass 3


Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

The first thing to be noted in Update 29 is that Survivor Pass 3 will be coming to an end soon. The pass will conclude on June 5 when the live servers will begin their maintenance. Once the maintenance is finished, players will have until June 26 to claim their rewards. Be sure that you claim those hard-earned rewards, because once they are gone, you can’t get them back. The remaining time on the pass will be displayed two weeks before the end date, so earn what you can in the small amount of time you have left.

Vikendi Re-balance

Vikendi is getting its second re-balance to assure that it fits the players’ needs. It will now be leaning more towards a sniper map as the amount of long-range weapons will be increased throughout the map. The MK47 Mutant is also being added to the map to add to the wide array of weapon choices.

Alongside the weapon changes, the blue zone is getting re-balanced as well. The safe zone is gaining more starting locations, so you better catch on quick, because the zones you know may be changing. To make things even quicker, the overall match time had been reduced by a minute and thirty seconds. For those players that love a fast match, Vikendi looks like it might be your new favorite.

You will now also have more options when it comes to your choice of vehicles. Four-wheel drive vehicles have been increased in response to the blue zone changes. Now when you’re looking for a quick escape you will be much more likely to find a more familiar ride instead of the newer snow-based getaways.

Grenade Changes

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

A small change has been made to grenades that you may want to take note of so you don’t blow yourself away in the middle of a match. You can no longer throw grenades through the wire mesh fences or any other wire mesh material. So be sure to think of a new strategy when you spot an enemy creeping behind one of these fences, because all your grenade will do now is alert them to your presence.

All throwables will also be gaining a new crosshair. It lets you know if you are in the overarm or underarm throwing stance. Now you won’t have to worry about throwing in the wrong stance and messing up your plan of attack.

Tactical Marking

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

A big new feature that is coming is the tactical map marking system. Holding right click on the map will reveal the marker wheel. You will be able to choose from six different options. You can choose from attack, danger, defend, loot, regroup and vehicle on the wheel. Now it will be much easier to use markers to communicate to your team exactly what is in a location. Each player will have the ability to place one tactical marker, and one normal marker.

The minimap will also now show your teammates when they are off the map. An arrow will now indicate where they are, and what position they are in, such as driving or bleeding out.

Are these changes going to change the way you play? Be sure to take note and adapt your play style if you need to.

Tune in next week for more coverage of the National PUBG League.

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