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PUBG Update #28: Charms and Mastery


More changes and new features have arrived on PUBG for PC. From small tweaks to completely new features, players will be excited with Update 28. The new features are adding a whole new way for players to show off their skills and prove that they are the best at the weapon of their choice. What are the changes brought to the game with Update 28?

Weapon Mastery

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The biggest change that has a lot of players excited is the new weapon mastery feature. This is a new progression system that allows players to build up a level that corresponds to each gun that they use. This will be a feature that is always active and will not go along with any of the seasons going forward. Each weapon will have a level cap of 100, so players will have the opportunity to grind out each gun to show off their skills.


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Along with the levels come rewards. Players can now add charms to their weapons, and they will earn one charm for every five levels that they gain on a weapon. Charms are items that can be equipped, so players will have the option to swap them out. Along with the charms, they can also earn medals for awesome accomplishments in game with specific guns. So now players can show off how good they are with their favorite guns as they push for level 100.



Gameplay Changes

With the new features also come some gameplay changes. Another loot rebalance is coming to Erangel. The total amount of spawning loot has been increased by 28%. Now players won’t have to search as hard while trying to find the right weapon. One of the most noticeable changes is coming to the level two armor which will be appearing much more often to balance out the armor spawns on the map.

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Sniper rifles will be doing less damage when a shot hits the torso. The damage modifier is going from 150% to 130%. So now the drop sniper, the AWM, will not kill players wearing a level two vest at full health. Now one is less likely to be taken down out of nowhere by a sniper with a good shot.

Another weapon change is coming to the smoke grenade. They are becoming more balanced, and will now be visible by players approaching from over one kilometer away. This will make the smoke grenade much more effective when keeping players hidden from distant players.

Some other changes coming to PUBG will be noticeable in the doors. The algorithm that determines when vehicles are blocking doors has been improved. Now one won’t be able to get away if they are blocked in by a car. Alongside that, some doors have been removed from the inside of buildings on Erangel. This will make it much easier to move around inside buildings. Be sure to be on the lookout for the newly open doorways to incorporate them while taking out enemies.

Tune in next week for coverage of the National PUBG League.

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