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PUBG Update #27: Loot Spawns and Submachine Guns


PUBG is getting another new update, and this one is bringing some fun new features to the table. From weapons to cosmetics, update 27 is shaking things up again. As usual, no intense changes are coming to the gameplay, but small tweaks are making a better experience for the players.

Update #27

Update 27 is live on the test server and is going to hit live servers in the coming week. As usual, this update is only applying to the PC version of the game, the changes made in this update will come to other platforms in the near future.

The MP5K

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

The biggest addition coming from this update is the new weapon: the MP5K. Players are always looking forward to new weapons, because they can lead to new ways to win the game. The MP5K is another gun coming into the submachine gun family. It will take 9mm ammunition, like the UMP and Bizon. Comparatively, the MP5K will be most like the Vector. It will be replacing the Vector on Vikendi and will be found only on that map.

The MP5K brings a lot to the table. It had a higher rate of fire than that of the Vector, firing at 900 RPM. Also, The MP5K has all attachment slots, so players can trick the bad boy out with anything that fits their playstyle. It can hold 30 rounds like the UMP, and can be extended to 40 with the extended magazine. On top of all of that, the base damage value will be 33.

Will the MP5K become your new favorite weapon?

New Season and Survivor Pass

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

The next biggest thing coming with update 27 is the new survivor pass. The new pass kicks off season three and comes with over 60 new rewards for players to win. The theme of this pass is “Wild Card”, and players can come back every week for a whole new set of challenges. The pass will run for ten weeks, starting on March 26.

Alongside the survivor pass, the title system is also getting some new features. You will now earn rewards when you move up a title that can be used with your pass. You will have the ability to earn yellow coupons that can be used to purchase exclusive items from your pass rewards. The new season three preseason will last from March 19 to March 26, so get on and get to killing. The full season kicks off on March 26. The higher your title, the better your rewards will be at the end of the season.

Loot Spawn Modification

This update is also bringing a loot spawn modification to Erangel. The spawn rate of ARs, DMRs, LMGs, and SMGs is being increased by 41%. Now players will not have as hard of a time when trying to find a good weapon on the original map. Not only is the spawn rate of weapons going up, but the overall spawn rate of all loot will be increased as well.

Easter Eggs?

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

As a celebration of the FACEIT Global Summit coming up in London, some advertisement Easter eggs have been placed on Vikendi in Volnova, and in various places around Sanhok. Can you find them?

Tune in next week for coverage of the National PUBG League relegation matches!


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