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PUBG Update #25: Weapons and Weather


The National PUBG League kicks off this weekend and an update is bringing in new features right before all the fun begins. Update 25 is bringing new weapons, attachments, weather modes and even some secrets.

The Bizon

PUBG Update
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The Bizon is a new SMG being introduced exclusively on the maps Vikendi and Erangel. It shows a lot of similarities to the UMP, but it will only be able to use muzzles and sights. Grips and magazines will have to be saved for other weapons of choice. Even though the Bizon is giving up two customization slots, it will hold 53 rounds, compared to the UMP’s 30, or the Vector’s 13. It will have the highest magazine capacity of any SMG in the game. It will have the single and automatic firing options for players to choose from. More of the specifics of the Bizon will be available once it has been used in-game.

The Canted Sight

PUBG Update
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Along with the Bizon, a new sight is coming to the game. The Canted Sight attaches in the secondary scope slot and it gives players a new option when scoping down enemies. Depending on when you equip it, it can either be your primary or secondary scope. It can be used as a standard sight if the player chooses. When you add it on with a regular scope, it will be attached at a different angle. You can toggle the sights and zoom with your regular sight, or get a pinpointed red dot sight with the Canted Sight. Now you won’t have to make the hard choice of what scope to use when you pick up the Canted Sight and head into battle.

Moonlit Vikendi Nights

PUBG Update
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Vikendi is getting an all new weather setting that will let players experience the new map at night. The map plunges into night as a super moon rises over players. The light from the moon will cast light on the map along with the Aurora Borealis. Players are now going to have to dive into the dark and find new places to hide and tactics to use.

Along with the new weather setting, the patch notes state that there is a new hidden location somewhere in Vikendi. There were no hints to what it is going to be, so players are going to have to dive in and find it for themselves while avoiding other players.

Other Changes

This update removes the Snowbike, which was causing issues on the test servers. It may be gone this time, but it will most likely come back in an upcoming patch once the issues have been resolved.

Several new gameplay features are also coming with this update. Damage to helmets and vests is now reduced, so players are able to take more damage while armored up. On the flip side of that, there will be less level three helmets and vests in each match.

New animations are added for when a certain number of kills is reached. A larger animation appears when a high interval of kills has been reached. Now players can have their great feats displayed on the screen instead of just single kills. This will also show for teams as a whole.

This update is adding a lot to the game, as we look forward to the National PUBG League this coming weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and keep searching for that hidden location!

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