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PUBG: The Skorpion and the Sawed-off


Pistols are the most well known sidearm in PUBG. They litter the maps and they are almost always the first weapon that you pick up. They have been the main sidearm from the beginning of the game, but now you have more options, you just have to look a little harder. The Skorpion and the Sawed-off Shotgun are two options you have that could save you from the pistols and give you an upper hand in battle.

The Skorpion

PUBG sidearm
Image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

Not all pistols are passable, such as the automatic P18C. However, the Skorpion is a machine pistol that best mocks the submachine gun. If you get your hands on one of these and fully customize it, you can use it as a main weapon in the match. This weapon was added in update 23 and it has become a favorite of many players. It has a hit damage of 22 with an initial bullet speed of 350 m/s. This gun isn’t as damaging as the SMGs in the game, but it is very close and it can work the same. It can use all of the foregrips, extended mag, suppressor, red dot sight and the Micro UZI’s stock.

PUBG sidearm
Image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

The best way to use this weapon is as a close-range game changer. As a game progresses, most players will have switched to ARs or long-range rifles. So, if you have your Skorpion with you and can find a good hiding spot, you can then draw in players and unload on them with your machine pistol. With the extended mag, the capacity becomes 40 rounds. This is more than the UMP and the Vector. Laying out that many bullets at close range can guarantee you a kill.




The Sawed-off

PUBG sidearm
Image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

The Sawed-off Shotgun is a weapon that is exclusive to Miramar. You won’t get the chance to use it as often as the Skorpion. However, when you do get the chance to use it, it’s a fun time. The Sawed-off is the perfect weapon for players who like to use shotguns, but have to drop them later in the game due to their ineffectiveness at long range. With this weapon, you won’t have to sacrifice a main weapon position to hold on to a shotgun. This sidearm packs a powerful punch with 20 hit damage and a faster speed than the S686 shotgun. It actually has the highest rate of damage of any handgun in the game, as long as it is used at close range.

Due to its lack of damage at long range, it is really only effective up close. But it is a safe bet to keep it with you throughout the game for those sticky situations that can come late in the match. This shotgun can make the difference when your enemy is right around the corner or you manage to sneak up and get the jump on someone. It can be improved upon by adding the choke, which is its only attachment. This will reduce the pellet spread and give you a little more range when you need it.

Getting your hands on the Skorpion or the Sawed-off can give you the upper hand when it comes to winning a Chicken Dinner in PUBG. Will you add them to your arsenal?

Tune in Thursday for coverage of the FACEIT Global Summit and more PUBG action.

Featured image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

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