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The PGS Berlin: PUBG NA Qualifier Finals

PGS Berlin

Over the weekend, the PGS Berlin: NA Qualifiers came to a close. Eight teams have come out on top and qualified for the Americas Finals. There were a lot of surprises in this competition, with newer teams seeing the spotlight as other, more seasoned teams, fell. 12 matches sat between these teams and their chances of moving on. The Chicken Dinners and kills were plenty in these finals, so who were the teams who grabbed at their chance and moved on?

Day 1

PGS Berlin

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Day 1 was a close one, with many teams giving it their all. The Houston Hardshifts claimed the first win of the day with 12 kills to their name. They put on an impressive performance after fighting their way through the initial qualifiers. After their win, Classic_ claimed a Chicken Dinner. They came close with a second-place finish in the first match, but they capitalized on their momentum this time around and came out on top. They are also a team that fought hard to earn their place from the qualifiers.

As Day 1 rolled on, Genesis picked up the third win. With eight kills, they held off Exodus and INQ who were fighting their hardest to claim the win. Genesis’ seasoned nature gave them the edge they needed. Team Clueless picked up the fourth win of the day, joining the impressive group of performances from the day. They were followed by Yaho in the fifth match, who picked up seven kills to secure their points. The final match of Day 1 went to Genesis. They did the first double and claimed a massive 14 kills. They will be looking to carry this steam into the next day to secure their spot at the next level.

Day 2

PGS Berlin
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Day 2 opened up with a big win for Genesis. They picked up another 11 kills and capitalized on their form from the day before. This win started to push them toward the top. Next up came a win for MAD. They put some points on the board as they claimed 12 kills and reached for a finish in the top eight. Match nine saw another win for Exodus who picked up the pace and added 13 kills to their total. The final three matches went to Riot Squad, Genesis again and one more for Exodus.

With such a dominant performance from Genesis, they came out on top of the final eight. They were followed by Exodus, Yaho, Houston Hardshifts, Inquisition, Classic_, Team Clueless and Radiance. Many of these teams came from the initial qualifiers and showed just how far they have come. Exodus was almost as dominant as Genesis, sure striking fear in the next teams that will face them in the Americas Finals.

Shocking Performances

PGS Berlin
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The biggest shock of the weekend is the fact that Wildcard and The Rumblers finished at the bottom of the table. These two teams showed a lot of promise in the competitions of 2019, and looked to be on the rise. However, this weekend showed that they still have a lot of work to do in the coming year. Out of the National PUBG League sides from Phase 3, only Genesis made it out.

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