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PUBG: The Grand Finals of the FACEIT Global Summit

FACEIT Global Summit

It has finally come to a thrilling conclusion. The FACEIT Global Summit has been in full swing over the past week, and now all of the hard work has come to an end and earned one team the ultimate prize. After the elimination round eight teams joined the other eight that earned a through straight to the final. These 16 teams have put their hearts and souls into this tournament, but who are the ones that emerged victorious?

The Elimination Round

FACEIT Global Summit
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Before the finals could take place, there were eight spaces to fill so that the final roster could be complete. The bottom 16 teams from the group stage went into an all-out battle to see who would move on. The first of the six matches went to Envy, who put up 12 kills and handed 17 Gaming the second-place spot. Envy then bounced back and took another Chicken Dinner in the second round with a nine-kill win.

Things started heating up as ahq came in and took the win from OP Rangers with an eight-kill win. This match was followed by Chicken Dinners for OGN Entus Force and 17 Gaming, both who had been fighting for a win all day. The final match of the elimination stage saw OP Rangers finally claim the win that they had been fighting for all day. At the end of the elimination stage, 17 Gaming, Envy, OGN Entus Force, Incognito, OP Rangers, Cloud9, Winstrike and Aerowolf One all moved on to the grand finals.

Day One of the Finals

FACEIT Global Summit
Image courtesy of @FACEITPUBG on Twitter

The grand finals kicked off on April 20, 2019, and all of the teams were ready to face off and aim for the grand title. The first day of the grand final consisted of six matches and saw Chicken Dinners for Afreeca Freecs Fatal, VSG, OP Rangers, Shoot To Kill, OGN Entus Force and 17 Gaming. The biggest win of day one came when OP Rangers put up a 12-kill game, taking down the second-place OGN Entus Force who only put up five kills. The OP Rangers had a solid gap of 14 points at the end of day one.

Day Two of the Finals

Armory Gaming earned the first Chicken Dinner in match seven on day two. This bumped them up into second place as they took down Aerowolf One in a shootout on a Miramar hillside. Every point counts on this final day, and every team is giving it their all knowing that it is all on the line.

Match eight was arguably one of the most intense matches of the FACEIT Global Summit. Towards the end of the match Cpt from Four Angry Men made a big play. He took out the entire team of 17 Gaming with one grenade. He then went on to carry his team on his shoulders and claim them a victory. They had been searching for some major points and they finally claimed them in the most shocking way.

Match 9 saw another huge victory for Shoot To Kill who claimed 16 kills to lead them to the win. This fired them into second place. Their win was then followed by a Chicken Dinner for Aerowolf One, who finally found their footing in the Summit.

The Final Two Matches

FACEIT Global Summit
Image courtesy of @FACEITPUBG on Twitter

Match 11 finally saw VSG get a win in the finals. They hunted down the remaining two members of Team Liquid and finished them off in the middle of a revival attempt. After that big match, it all came down to the last one of the day. The top three teams headed into the final were Team Liquid, VSG and OP Rangers. The final match was a tense one. Every single team gave it their all and put kills on the board. In the end, the OP Gaming Rangers took the five kill Chicken Dinner and were crowned the first ever winners of the FACEIT Global Summit. Their hard work did not go unnoticed as they fought their way out of the elimination round and climbed up the table in the finals.

Congratulations to the OP Gaming Rangers and tune in next time for more coverage of PUBG.

Featured image courtesy of @Kaelaris on Twitter

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