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The Final Roster and Possibilities for the GLL Grand Slam


The final weekend of the PUBG Europe League was vital to the GLL Grand Slam roster. Now that it has all come to an end, the roster is full and everyone is ready to battle it out for the grand prize. Five teams came out on top of the PEL after working their hardest to go on to the next level. Some teams were expected to win, and others broke everyone’s expectations. Who are the five teams that are moving on to the PEL?

The PEL Finals

GLL Grand Slam
Image courtesy of @KnightsGG on Twitter

The first day of the PEL’s final weekend saw Chicken Dinners for REC, Digital Athletics, G2 and Winstrike. They were followed in day two by wins for TSM, ENCE, FaZe and another for Winstrike. These were two fairly typical days for the PEL, but the third and final day saw a huge surprise that saw a shocking change in the qualifying positions.

On the final day, the Pittsburgh Knights shocked the competition, getting three wins and a fourth-place finish. Their clutch run landed them in fifth place, and sent them through to the GLL Grand Slam. Over their three wins, they beat out Liquid, RYE and Natus Vincere. They were only bested by FaZe in their one fourth place finish. Their run seemingly came out of nowhere and built them up some momentum that they can carry into the Grand Slam. With this kind of fight, they could be a huge underdog in the competition and find the fight to come out on top.

The Final Qualifiers

GLL Grand Slam
Image courtesy of @GlobalLoot on Twitter

Now that the PUBG Europe League’s fight is finished, the roster is finally set for the GLL Grand Slam. FaZe, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, G2 Esports and The Knights have joined the other qualified teams. Now all that is left is the wait for the tournament to start. With all of these quality teams, this is going to be an event that you don’t want to miss.



Teams to Watch

GLL Grand Slam
Image courtesy of @Kaelaris on Twitter

There are four teams in particular that you should keep an eye on in the GLL Grand Slam. FaZe from the PEL has a killer instinct about them and knows how to put up kills and take wins. They came out on top of the PEL, so they will be eager to add more glory to their name.

Tempo Storm are back to back champions of the NPL, and there is no end in sight. Even when the odds are stacked against them, they seem to pull through if left unchecked.

The Rumblers put on a fantastic performance in the NPL and they also had the kill leader amongst them. Kills can quickly make the difference, so this could be a huge advantage for them. If someone lets their guard down, The Rumblers could quickly wipe their whole team.

Team Singularity is a heavy hitter from the LATAM Masters and they could be the one to take it all. Their tactics lead them to earn points even if they don’t put up a large number of kills. All that matters is making it to the end, and pulling off the Chicken Dinner.

With the GLL Grand Slam rapidly approaching, be sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss the action. Tune in for more coverage of PUBG.

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