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The Final Qualifiers For the GLL Grand Slam

GLL Grand Slam

With the GLL Grand Slam quickly approaching, some spots still remain open. The teams that fill in these slots could be game changers, so everyone is eagerly waiting to see who will make it in. With one week left in the European league, there are many possible outcomes for who will make it to the Grand Slam. There are some narrow margins in the top four teams, and multiple teams that could slip into the fifth place spot and qualify. Who will it be in the end?

Who Is Left?

GLL Grand Slam
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At the moment, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports and Team Liquid are in the top four spots. Only 27 points separate the first place position from the fourth, and that is a margin that is easy to overcome. If any of these teams has an outstanding performance in the final week, they could jump to the top. Only one of these teams, Team Liquid, competed in the FACEIT Global Summit. Seeing that they can compete on the global level makes them a strong contender in the GLL Grand Slam. The other three teams did not make it through last time, so they will be eager to show what they are made of.

The Top Four

GLL Grand Slam
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Natus Vincere came in fourteenth place in phase one, but they have vastly improved since then. They have been gunning for the top all season and that won’t change when it comes to the global scale. FaZe came in seventh, but did come out with an impressive number of kills. They were a constant contender for rising to the top. Finally, G2 was closer to the top in phase one, coming in fifth place. They were so close last time, so now they will get the chance to show why they deserve to be there.

The Fight For Fifth

GLL Grand Slam
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The position that has the biggest chance of changing is fifth place. There are so many teams that could make up the difference and move into this position in the final week. However, it is almost impossible for any of these teams to move above fifth, considering that there is a 117-point difference, so this spot is important. Two teams that look good for this position are Ninjas in Pyjamas and ENCE. Both of these teams made it to the last global stage, but fell short in the end. For most teams, coming so close to winning and not making it is the best motivator for turning around and pulling off a big win.

Both of these teams finished high in phase one, ENCE came in first and Ninjas In Pyjamas came in third. If they can catch their stride in the end, and head into the GLL Grand Slam with momentum, they could be a serious contender to jump in and win it all. They just have to show that they are strong and finish hard.

Whatever teams make it through, they are going to have a lot of tough competition to get through. We will find out soon, and all of the anticipation will come together for the next global event.

Tune in again for coverage of the GLL Grand Slam.


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