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PUBG: The FACEIT Global Summit Group Stage

FACEIT Global Summit

As of this Tuesday, April 16, the FACEIT Global Summit has finally kicked off. The teams are in full swing as they are all competing to be number one. As the days have gone by, the teams have started to show who has been training the hardest to be number one. Teams from all over the world have been clashing in the group stage, but who is going to come out on top?

Day One

FACEIT Global Summit
Image courtesy of @FACEITPUBG on Twitter

Day one of the group stage started off with a bang as group A and B went head to head. Team Liquid from Europe took the first Chicken Dinner taking down 17 Gaming from China. The teams were spread out on the hills of Miramar, but Liquid caught one of the 17 Gaming players behind a tree and put them down for the win.

The second match of the day went to Four Angry Men from China who put up a solid match finishing it out against ahq Esports Club from Taiwan. The two teams had an intense firefight that could have gone either way, but 4AM used smoke and tactics to their advantage to take the win.

Shoot To Kill came out with an impressive win in the third match. They were the first team from North America to win, and they put up 16 kills. Cloud9 was the only other North American team to make an appearance so far with a third-place finish in match two. After that, the fourth match went to Shoot To Kill again, carrying their momentum into the next game. They took down MP5 from Taiwan to claim their victory.

The final two matches of the day went to Afreeca Freecs Fatal from Korea and Four Angry Men again. Afreeca Freecs finally claimed their win after hunting down a lone player, while 4AM used their power from earlier on to claim another Chicken Dinner.

Day Two

Day two of the group stage started off with a solid win for the Brazilian Crusaders as groups B and C collided. This was a huge win for them due to the fact that they are the only representatives from their country. Their match was followed up with a win from the Ninjas in Pyjamas from Europe as they took down VSG from South Korea.

PUBG Global Summit
Image courtesy of @FACEITPUBG on Twitter

With two matches gone and teams gaining momentum, ENCE from Europe put up their first win, gaining some much-needed points followed by Armory Gaming, who also gained their first win. Armory, from Thailand, put up a solid 12 kills and showed that they are here to play. With more teams claiming their first wins, it was becoming difficult to tell who is going to come out on top.

The final two matches of the day went to Ninjas in Pyjamas yet again and to Four Angry Men. NIP tried to claim more victories after their first one of the day and they finally grabbed another in round five. 4AM had not gotten back on to their form from day one. However, they finally found what they were looking for with the final match. With just one day remaining, who will come out on top?

Day Three

PUBG Global Summit
Image courtesy of @FACEITPUBG on Twitter

The final day saw group A come face to face with group C. The first Chicken Dinner went to Aerowolf Team one from Indonesia, who qualified just days before the competition. They were followed up by an impressive 15-kill game from Team Liquid in match two. Liquid had a close call with OGN Entus Force at the end, but they came out on top.

Match three and four went to the Blue Bees from Japan, and Incognito from Australia. Both of these teams came in and claimed their first Chicken Dinners in the FACEIT Global Summit, showing that anyone can show up to play, and take a game for themselves.

The final day ended with wins for VSG and Ninjas in Pyjamas. VSG, from South Korea, finally claimed the win and points that they have been looking for. Then, NIP added more to their already impressive run. After all of those battles, who came out on top of the group stage?

The Final Standings

Ninjas in Pyjamas, Shoot To Kill, VSG, Afreeca Freecs Fatal, Team Liquid, Four Angry Men, Tempo Storm, and Armory Gaming were the top eight teams. They fought hard and earned a ticket straight to the finals. The bottom 16 teams will be going into the elimination round. There they will battle it out and see which eight will be moving on.

Tune in next time for more coverage of the FACEIT Global Summit!

Featured image courtesy of @FACEITPUBG on Twitter

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