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The Best Submachine Gun for you in PUBG


There are many weapons to choose from when you drop into a game of PUBG. Most of the time, it is a scramble to get whatever you can at the beginning of a match, but a lot of players tend to be pickier when it comes to guns. SMG’s are some of the most common weapons in PUBG, but they can pack a serious punch. There are many of them to choose from, but which one is the best for you?

The Most Common

One of the first submachine guns that will always come to the mind of a player is the Micro UZI. It is one of the most common, but if used correctly it can be a useful companion. It has the lowest damage out of all of the guns, but its availability makes it very useful. If you plan on keeping this one around, you should deck it out with attachments, especially the stock to reduce recoil.

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Two SMGs that fall pretty close to one another are the Vector and the UMP45. The UMP45 is faster and deals more damage, but it can be argued that it is not as precise as the Vector. One of the biggest advantages for the Vector is the fact that it can use the tactical stock. The tactical stock makes it a lot easier to aim, and it also reduces felt recoil, turning the Vector into a monster. However, it isn’t very likely that you will always get the best attachment loadout every time.

On the other hand, the UMP45 is somewhat common and packs a serious punch. Many players claim this to be their favorite weapon, due to its versatility. With the right set of attachments, this SMG can carry you through to the end. It deals the second most damage, right under that of the Tommy Gun and has a very manageable recoil. If you get your hands on a UMP45, you will probably end up holding on to it for a long time.

An Old Favorite

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The Tommy Gun is an old fan favorite. In the early days of PUBG it was very rare, and one of the most sought-after guns. As PUBG has moved along and updated, it has become more common and somewhat fallen out of favor. It is still the most damaging SMG, but its power is countered by its high recoil and very slow reload time. It also has a huge lack of attachment options compared to the rest of the family. The Tommy Gun is a great option early in the game, but it will most likely be dropped for something better as you near the more dangerous parts of the game.

New Options

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The newest SMGs, the Bizon and the MP5K, are still being felt out by players. They both fall in the middle on the damage chart, so they make good alternatives to the other older options on the list. As updates continue to come out, and players continue to use them, it is likely that they could come up as a new favorite. They can both be customized to the user’s preference. The Bizon is comparable to the UMP45, and even though it is weaker, it has a higher magazine capacity. The MP5K is only on Vikendi, but it takes the place of the Vector with a higher damage rating.

What SMG will you be running with to get your Chicken Dinner? Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.

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