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PUBG: The Best Drop Areas and Strategies


In PUBG, it’s always a hard decision to decide where you are going to drop in and begin your battle. Every map has a lot of areas that you can choose from, but some will have more loot than others. However, with more loot, comes more players and a lower chance of survival. It can be hard for everyone; stick with the same place, or change it up every time? What are the best drop zones in PUBG?


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On the original map, Erangel, there are many isolated areas as well as dense cities. The cities and major locations are more likely to have stronger loot, but smaller areas off to the side may be your best bet. There are two places that come to mind that will earn you good loot safely away from other players. The first one is a group of five houses that sits to the west of the farm and right above the hangers and barns. The multiple houses make for good loot, and it is just far enough away to pick off people running out of the farm or surrounding areas. The next area is the lumberyard. It may not have many buildings, but there are plenty of weapons out on the lumber stacks. You can then head right to an overlook that positions you to take shots at opponents in the prison.


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When it comes to Miramar, buildings can often be places that you want to avoid due to the open, hilly terrain. Snipers love to stake out and watch for stragglers exiting buildings. The best places to land are the smaller groupings of buildings outside the larger cities all over the map. Landing in a small area gives you the chance to get weapons quickly and move to good cover. Moving from small area to small area gives you the advantage over players fighting it out in the city. Once you pick up a decent scope, you can look into the city and pick them off while moving from area to area.


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Sanhok is the smallest map, so the game moves very fast compared to the others. Loot is distributed in a more even manner across this map, so almost anywhere can have something good for you. The boot camp seems to be the hottest drop spot, so, similarly to Erangel and Miramar, it is best to drop at any of the surrounding areas and make your way in to stop people from coming out. Players that drop in high-volume areas always try to get out fast, so they can escape with their good loot. This leaves them open while running and gives you a chance to pick up some quick kills.



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The newest map, Vikendi, has a lot of options when it comes to drop spots. One of the larger areas, the Cosmodrome, is actually a great recommendation. More specifically, there is a warehouse in the upper left corner that always holds a decent shotgun, assault rifle or SMG. Most players aim for the larger buildings in the center of the area, so once you claim your loot from the warehouse, you can run down the hill and take out unsuspecting players with your shotgun. Even though this is a good strategy, you should always keep your eyes open; some players make their way up to the warehouse early on to escape the madness in the middle.


Your drop zone is one of the most important aspects of the game. Making the right choice can be a matter of life or death in PUBG, so get your strategy down and keep your eyes peeled.

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