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PUBG: The Best Assault Rifles


In PUBG, every player wants to get their hands on an assault rifle before other players do. The assault rifle is the most versatile weapon in the game, and there are a lot of options when you are choosing one. Many players have their preference when it comes to their guns, but you will often just have to go with your first choice. If you can manage to find a good one, which one is the best for you? These are the best assault rifles in PUBG.

The Groza

When it comes to overall assault rifles, the Groza is the best rifle in the game. Even though it is the best, it will be left out of this ranking because it can only be found in air drops. Not every player has the chance to get to one of these every game, so it will be left on the sideline. Now, these are the top four rifles in PUBG.


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The number four assault rifle on the list is the M416. This rifle works well for a lot of players and it can be found relatively easily. It uses 5.56 ammo and can fire in automatic or single mode. It is very similar to the M16A4, but it falls short due to the fact that its bullet speed is 880. Many players choose this weapon due to an automatic preference instead of burst or single. It has a bullet damage of 41. It may be on the bottom of the list, but it can still be a good weapon.


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The M16A4 is next on the list. It is very similar to the M416, but it only fires in burst and single and it is slightly faster. It has the fastest bullet speed of the assault rifles, coming in at 900. With a proper scope, many players will switch it to single fire and use it in place of a sniper. Its damage is also 41, so it comes close when adding it in on this list.



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Coming in at number two is the SCAR-L. Many players claim that this is their favorite weapon, so it may be number one on a lot of other lists out there. It, like the other two, uses 5.56 and it is actually slower when it comes to bullet speed. However, it makes up for its bullet speed with its firing rate which comes in at 0.096s. Its firing rate is slower than the two guns before it, but this speed leads to less recoil, making it an easier gun to control, especially with the right attachments.



Finally, the best assault rifle in the game is the AKM. This weapon is the only one in the top four that uses 7.62 ammo. It also has the slowest rate of fire out of all of them and along with that, it has a shorter range. So why is it the best? The AKM is the best because of its damage. It does the same amount of damage as the Groza and it is also more common. It will be much easier to find and you will be packing a gun with 48 damage. The ammo is also more common, so it is an all-around better choice if you are looking to stock up ammo and deal some damage.

Which of these weapons will you choose? Tune in next week for more coverage of PUBG.

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