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PUBG Sniper Rifles: Which Will You Choose?

Sniper Rifle

In PUBG, there are so many options on each map that will allow you to take down your competition. From pistols, to melee weapons, you can use almost anything to earn your Chicken Dinner. One of the most specialized weapons in the game is the sniper rifle. You have four options, and each of them can lead you to a win if you use it the right way. In the right hands, sniper rifles can be devastating. Which one is the right choice for you?

The Win94

Sniper Rifle
Image courtesy of Gamepedia

First up is the Win94. Being a lever action rifle, it can barely compete with the other three, but it is a good option for most players early on in the game. The Win94 is considered an expert type weapon, and it is meant to be harder to use. It boasts 66 damage per hit, which is significantly lower than all of the other options. However, this gun can do a lot more damage due to the fact that it fires so much faster than all of the others. It is an instant kill if you can land a headshot on a player with a level one helmet or nothing at all. If you can fine-tune your use of this weapon, it could be one of your main choices; it just takes a lot of work.

The Kar98K

Sniper Rifle
Image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

The Kar98K is a vintage sniper rifle that is a fan favorite. It is fairly common it stands with the same bullet speed as the Kar98K. This is where the snipers start to slow down, considering the fact that you have to essentially reload after every shot. It makes up for speed with its 75-hit damage. This can also use a scope as an attachment. All of the snipers after the Win94 have the ability to equip a scope, giving them a considerable advantage at distance.

The M24

Next up is the M24, which is very similar to the Kar98K. It is slightly more difficult to find on maps, and will occasionally show up in smaller air drops. It has 79 hit damage, and can easily drop players at a distance. It is slightly faster between shots than the Kar98K, as it does not fire on a one-by-one system. If you can get your hands on an M24 and a good scope, you could rain down on other players with high power.


Sniper Rifle
Image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

Finally, comes the strongest sniper of the lot. The AWM is in a whole different league when it comes to damage. It deals a devastating 120 damage per hit. Its bullets also travel faster than all of the others. If you can get this weapon in your inventory, players will fall to its incredible capabilities. Being so strong, it has one of the biggest downfalls as well. This sniper can only be found in airdrops, so finding it is very difficult. Along with that, it takes .300 Magnum ammo, which can also only be found in airdrops. So, if someone comes along and separates the pair, you won’t be able to use this monster of a gun.


Which sniper will you choose to take into battle? Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.


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