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PUBG Shotguns: Up Close and Personal


In PUBG, close-quarters combat can be a deciding factor at any point in the game. Shotguns are some of the most powerful weapons in the game, but you just have to use them right. There are many options when it comes to this class of weapon, and many of the work in very different ways. It is well worth it to work a shotgun into your preferred loadout, so which one of the boomsticks will be your choice?



First up is the S686. This double-barreled shotgun is one that isn’t too hard to come by, but it can be very useful at the beginning of the game. The best feature that the S686 offers is its ability to fire off two rounds almost back to back. In early stages, this gun can drop players almost instantly, and it still holds up as well against armor. If you want the upper hand early on, you need this gun.



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The second most common shotgun in PUBG is the S1897. This is another one that will be easy to find, but it is much different than the S686. This shotgun is a pump-action that holds five rounds per magazine. It has a great spread, so it is much easier to get hits on targets, even if it does less damage at a distance. Its damage is similar to the S686, but it has a downfall when it comes to time in between shots. Being a pump-action weapon, you have to take time between every shot to pump. If you miss your first shot, your enemy will have plenty of time to turn and fire.


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Next up is the S12K. This shotgun is devastating, as it takes the good aspects of the first two and combines them in a powerful manner. It is a semi-automatic weapon, so it does not require a pump between shots. This gun can layout players in an instant. You can fire four shells out of this gun within one single second, blowing away anything in front of you. This can also take on attachments that work with assault rifles. If you choose to, you can make this into a very silent killer. The biggest downfall for this weapon is its recoil. Firing off powerful shots at such a quick pace leads to recoil that can easily throw off your aim. This is a weapon you want in your inventory.


Finally, we have the only airdrop shotgun: the DBS. This shotgun is a monster, and it puts all of the others to shame. It would be the best choice for a player, only if it wasn’t so hard to acquire. It can hold up to 14 shells, and it fires at a faster rate than all of the other shotguns in the game. If you can get your hands on this, don’t pass it up. This one is a real game-changer.

For consistency, the sawed-off shotgun has been left out of this due to that fact that it is a sidearm. It was covered in a past review of all of the best sidearms in PUBG.

Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.

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