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PUBG PC Update 5.3: Blood and Favorite Weapons

PUBG Update

With 2019, coming to a close, one final update is coming to PUBG. PC Update 5.3 has arrived, and it is bringing in some slight feature changes to fine tune the game. This update isn’t bringing in as many major changes as the previous 5.2. However, there are some that you will notice right off the bat. With 2019 being such a great year for PUBG, what will be the final changes that add the icing to the cake?

Blood Effects

PUBG Update
Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

The first change coming to the table is an improvement in the blood effects that you see when taking on your opponents. When you deliver a headshot, there will now be a more distinct visual difference. So, when you are looking to land those perfect shots, it will be easier to tell when it has connected. Blood splatters will now land on the walls and floor as well when a player is hit near them, adding a little more realism to the battles. Finally, blood impacts on players will now be more accurate, showing what part of the body that has the damage done to it. Be sure to jump in and land those headshots to see all of these new effects.

One of the smaller changes that is coming is being applied to the vending machine. You will now only be able to use it 10 times instead of the 15 times that were originally available.

Cloud Saving

PUBG Update
Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Cloud saving is also being improved in this update. You can now save your settings so that you won’t have to change them every time you get on a new PC. The only exception to this cloud saving will come in graphics and gameplay render settings. These won’t be cloud saved due to the fact that different PCs will have different graphical capabilities. Now you will never have to deal with going in and changing all your settings again, you can just get right in to winning Chicken Dinners.

Weapon Mastery and HUD

PUBG Update
Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Weapon Mastery will have a new feature where you can pick your favorite weapon. Once chosen, this weapon will always show up as the first weapon in your stats. Once you have chosen your favorite, you won’t have to go digging through all of the weapon choices to find the one you want to master the most.

A smaller change will be coming to the HUD. Heal and acceleration icons will now flash when they are activated. This is a small, simple change, but it will really come in handy when you are trying to remember what you have activated in the heat of battle.

Bug Fixes

Alongside all of these changes, there have been a handful of bug fixes to improve your gameplay. The shaking reticle in ADS for the 6x Scope has been fixed, along with some stuttering in player movement. There have been a few other changes alongside those. These aim to fix the experience of the players who were dealing with minuscule issues in gameplay.

With 2019 coming to an end, be sure to jump into a game and see all of the changes, while celebrating a successful year of PUBG. Tune in for more coverage of PUBG.

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