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PUBG PC Update 5.2: Spike Traps and Shrunken Mountains


Now that the PUBG Global Championship has come to a close and the winners have been crowned, it’s time to talk about recent changes to the game. During the height of the championship on November 20, PC Update 5.2 went live. It has added a lot of new features to the game. Many of these changes could be game changers, and some could even come into play in the next year of PUBG competition. Will any of these changes change the way you play?

The Spike Trap

PUBG update
Image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

Probably the biggest change coming with the new update is the new item: The Spike Trap. The Spike Trap is a new way to stop vehicles in their tracks. It will instantly puncture the tires of any vehicle that comes across it. Once the Spike Trap does its job once, it will disappear. This new trap will only do damage to the tires, and not the vehicles themselves. You will be able to find them around the map spawning at the consistency of normal throwables. Be sure to get your hands on this new item, and use it to your advantage when preventing the escape of your enemies.


PUBG update
Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

This update is also seeing the introduction of a new system known as PUBG Labs. PUBG Labs will give players the choice to opt in to work with the community to experiment with new features. This will be used to test player feedback so that the game can be further improved on to suit the needs of the players. This way, players will be able to have a much more direct impact on what they want from the game. Many new experimental game types and in-game features will be previewed on here, so don’t miss your chance to give your input where it is most needed. One of the upcoming features will be skill-based ratings.

Vikendi Changes

PUBG update
Image courtesy of PUBG Wiki

Vikendi is getting a breath of fresh air with many new features across the map. Firstly, the terrain has been given a much-needed rework. New roads have been added to certain areas to offer new, easier ways to get around the snow. With these new roads, the number of vehicles has increased as well. Also, Mount Kreznic has been slightly shrunk. This will allow for more ease of access without having to deal with its steepness. More variance in the height of terrain is added as well to help with the lack of cover in open areas.

Alongside those major cosmetic changes, the Blue Zone has received a new balance. The size of the early safe zones will be increased while the speed of the early Blue Zone has been sped up. Be sure to pay attention, and map your new routes. With this, you will also see a new waypoint feature. This will allow players to make a more strategic plan with their team. The points you place will connect together, showing the route that you and your squad have planned to follow.

There are other new features ranging from diving mechanics, to auto attachments. So be sure to get on and see what this new update has to offer; and watch out for those Spike Traps.

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Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp

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