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PUBG: New Updates Coming to Xbox One and PS4


PUBG’s popularity has been growing exponentially since its initial release on Xbox and PS4. Console players have been eager to get their game closer to the version that is on PC. Update eight for Xbox, and update five for PS4 have stepped each console’s game up a lot. The update numbers may be different, but all of the same features are coming to both. With PUBG console versions getting closer to PC, will people begin to switch over?

Weapon Mastery


Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

The first big feature coming to console PUBG is weapon mastery. Players on PC have had the ability to level up their favorite weapons by showing off their skill with them. As players level up their weapons, they will earn charms that they can attach. With these, they will be able to show other players what guns they are good with and make them run in fear. Be sure to hop on, and level up your favorite weapons as fast as possible.

Controller Preset C

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Both consoles are getting a new controller preset. Controller preset C is made for players that do not want to use the aim over shoulder function. The L1 and R1 keys are now used for leaning, instead of using the analog sticks. This is meant to help out players who are more aim oriented. Another big difference with this preset is that now, double tapping the triangle or Y button will now equip your sidearm. This quick swap feature could be a big game changer in a fast paced one on one battle.

Auto Equip

Another big, but simple feature coming to console PUBG is the auto equip feature. One can now go into the settings and activate auto pickup. This will let you pick from three options: auto equip scopes, attachments, and auto replace attachments. These are self-explanatory features that will make it a lot easier on players when it comes to decking out their guns. It can be a hassle on console to filter through the menu to equip and unequip items. Be sure to get in there and turn on these functions. It could save you valuable time while looking for your Chicken Dinner.

Loot Rebalance

Erangel and Vikendi will be getting their second loot rebalances on console PUBG. Erangel will see an increase in the spawn rate of ARs, DMRs, and SRs. All armor, especially level two, will be appearing more often as well. Players will also be seeing a slight increase in healing items throughout the map.

Vikendi has become more focused on snipers with an increase in their drops. Players will be seeing a lot more long-range weaponry, and also the addition of the MK47 Mutant. Along with gun changes, the starting circle will now be taking on more locations. The new varieties will keep players on their toes, so no one gets too used to a similar starting zone. Good luck and find the best spot to drop and adjust to the new zone.

Heading to Something New?

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

There are also a lot of smaller changes to make the UI more like that on the PC, such as new markers and grenade adjustments. In the long run, it looks like console PUBG will be getting closer and closer to PC, possibly leading to cross-platform play.

Get on PUBG, be sure to check out the changes. Be sure to tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.



Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

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