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PUBG Mobile: ESL Mobile Open Season 4 Finals

PUBG Mobile

With the outbreak of COVID-19 causing delays all over PUBG Esports, the ESL Mobile Open Season 4 was still able to take place with the mobile teams. PUBG Mobile can be very different from the traditional PUBG. A lot of familiar team names are there, but they are different from their counterparts. The ESL Mobile Open is very fast-paced and exciting, but only one team came out on top. Who came out as the winner and what teams almost took it home?

Match 1

PUBG Mobile

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The finals weekend started off with a bang as Tempo Storm claimed the first win. For fans of Tempo Storm, it was nice to see their name out there again after their team departed from the PUBG PC competitions. They burst into the game racking up kills, and taking The Happy Campers out with ease. With this win, they solidified their intentions early on.

Match 2

In the second match, Wildcard, another familiar name, picked up a big win. They finished off the game after they flanked Endgame, who looked like they might have had the upper hand. Wildcard’s teamwork was something for others to take note of as they continue on in the finals.

Match 3

PUBG Mobile
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Match 3 was taken by Pittsburg Knights after a very hard-fought final circle. With multiple teams closing in, they were able to hold their ground and turn a sticky situation into something special for their team. With so many solid performances so far, it is tough to see who is going to steal and hold the top spot.

Match 4

Simplicity got their name one the board in the fourth match. They were a dominant force throughout the game, keeping all of their players alive to the end. With an easy final circle, they hunted down the last player and swept up their Chicken Dinner. So many teams have put in solid performances, so it all comes down to the last map. Whoever puts together the best performance could seriously shake the table.

Match 5

PUBG Mobile
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The final match was very close as it came down to a face to face shootout. G25 Gaming and Wildcard were at a stalemate in the end, but G25 managed to come out on top. The final battle was so close, that the result wasn’t known until the stats came up. G25 put in one final effort, but it wasn’t enough to get them the top spot. Wildcard came out on top taking home the winnings and all of the glory. They were followed by Tribe Gaming in second, Tempo Storm in third, and G25 in fourth. Congratulations to Wildcard for taking home the prize after a hard-fought season four.

With postponements and cancellations still being in effect, PUBG Mobile Esports will be on the forefront. Their quick action is something that you don’t want to miss, and it is easy to watch, and even participate, from the comfort of your own home. Be sure to hop on, and see if you have what it takes to bring home some Chicken Dinners.

Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG Esports.

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