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Miramar’s Hottest Drop Zones


Miramar is a map that has been around for some time now in PUBG. It was the second map to join the roster, and it has become well known to players. With Erangel being changed a lot over the past year, people have been asking for more changes to Miramar as well. This desert map has a lot to offer, and its open ranges call for a lot of strategic planning. When you drop into Miramar, where should you go?

Campo Militar

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Miramar is a huge map, and with that comes a lot of open space. The first place you should look to drop is Campo Militar. This camp sits at the Northeastern tip of the map and it is well stocked for your battles. There is a lot of good loot here, but it comes at a cost. This compound is far from the center of the map, so if you get a distant circle, you may have some trouble running to safety. Even with that disadvantage, the lack of other players really balances this place out.

Cruz Del Valle

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Next up we have Cruz Del Valle. Cruz Del Valle is a smaller area with about 20 houses to search for quality loot. This is another area that is often overlooked, and it is near some of the other major towns. Cruz Del Valle serves as a perfect spot to start and lay low before moving into the larger areas to hunt for enemies. It also sits near some major roads with decent vehicle spawns, so you can get out of there quickly.


On the East coast of the map, you can find a group of warehouses that serve as a good location to stay alive and avoid the heavier parts of the map. Los Leones sits nearby, so when you are ready to depart for a battle, it is very easy to reach. There isn’t a lot of high-quality loot here, but there is enough that you can get in a short period.

The Prison

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The Prison is another area that doesn’t see a lot of action due to its location. It has a lot to offer, so if you want some good loot and aren’t afraid of running to catch the circle, this will work for you. If you’re lucky, you may have a vehicle spawn close enough to take into the main action. It is worth the work, because this area has so much to offer any player who lands in it.


The Mines

Finally, we have the mines. The mines are one of the staple locations on Miramar, and they are huge with a lot to offer. The tunnels feel very similar to the bunker on Erangel, and there is just as much loot waiting to be plundered. These tunnels are generally a quiet place, but they can get busy if other players have the same idea as you. If you get caught down in the tunnels with other players, only a few will escape alive. Be careful down there, but it is worth it for all of the spoils.

Where do you prefer to drop on Miramar? Tune in again for more PUBG coverage.

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