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PUBG: Global Loot League Season 4 Finals

Global Loot League

The finals of Season 4 of the Global Loot League have finally come to a close. 18 teams from all over the world came together with hopes of asserting their dominance over the others. The fight for first was a close one this time around, with teams battling back and forth to clinch the top spot. Chicken Dinners were all over the place in the competition, but only one team put in the best performances. Who came out on top and took home the prize?

Day 1

Global Loot League
Image courtesy of @TheNameisToby on Twitter

Day 1 kicked off with Team Singularity taking the first win. Their six kills earned them the first big points of the GLL and boosted their ego. Match two went to Omaken. Their teamwork leads them to a solid nine kills as the capitalized on a strong start. Exalt was up next, putting the first two winners to shame with a huge 15-kill game. They blew up the competition and added a huge amount of points to their total. This was huge for them, following up the two third-place finishes in the first two matches. Shoot to Kill came in hot in match four, putting 14 kills on the board. Day 1 was off to a quick start with different teams claiming wins every time.

As the day continued, the competition saw wins for Exodus, and WTSG. WTSG came out with a massive win with 13 kills. They showed their strength with their first win, as they looked to carry it over into the second day. This performance really propelled them in the GLL Finals. With they continue to pull ahead in Day 2?

Day 2

Global Loot League
Image courtesy of @ToffeesTV on Twitter

The second day of competition began with another win for WTSG. Channeling their first day, they pulled off the win. However, this time, it was only with 11 kills, but it still added a lot to their total. WTSG was followed by a win for Inside, who claimed their first in the competition. They really put themselves on the board with a big 15-kill game.

They were followed by another win for Team Singularity, who took away four kills. It wasn’t a lot of points, but anything helps in the race for the top. Match 10 saw another win for Shoot to Kill, who continue to aim for the top with an eight kills game. After them, the final two matches of say two went to WTSG again, and TORNADO ENERGY. WTSG continue to pull away with only one day remaining.

Day 3

Global Loot League
Image courtesy of @gllpubg on Twitter

The final day of the Global Loot League Season Four Finals went to META who finally got a win with a huge 17-kill game. They were followed by another big win, but this time for Exodus who claimed 13 kills. Omaken came up again in the match 15 and claimed a five-kill Chicken Dinner, adding to their already impressive run. Match 16 then saw another repeat as Exalt added another win to their tally. Only two matches remained, and those two went to Red Canids and Shoot to Kill. These were solid wins, but it wasn’t enough to put them in first.

At the end of the weekend, WTSG came out as the champions of The Global Loot League Season Four competition. They had a huge 154 points, followed by Omaken with 129, Team Liquid with 128, and Shoot to Kill with 122.

Congratulations to WTSG on the big win. Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG Esports.


Featured image courtesy of @TheNameisToby on Twitter

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