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PUBG Global Championship: The PEL Sides

PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship is getting closer and closer as teams continue to prepare for the ensuing battle. Teams from all over the world are qualifying, and all of them are bringing something to the table. Some of the strongest teams joining the fray are coming from the PEL. These European sides always bring the fight when it comes to global competitions, so what teams will be joining the roster this time around?

FaZe Clan

PUBG Global Championship
Image courtesy of @Kaelaris on Twitter

One of the biggest teams coming in from Europe is FaZe Clan. They are a very successful team and they have finished on top in the past three competitions they have been a part of. FaZe have won the PUBG Europe League Phase 2 and Phase 3, and also the GLL Grand Slam. They have a lot of experience and know what it is like to win on an international level. The GLL Grand Slam was a huge win for them, and it showcased their ability to work together and get the job done. With three big wins in a row, they will be looking to add another in the PUBG Global Championship.

Team Liquid

PUBG Global Championship
Image courtesy of Liquipedia

Team Liquid is another huge name that is coming in from Europe. They are a solid side that have had high finishes across the board over the past year. Their biggest win was in the PUBG Europe League 2019 Kick-off Cup. Besides that, they have finished in the top four in every phase so far. They are hungry for a big win and the PUBG Global Championship would be a perfect opportunity for them. With strong players like Jeemzz and Ibiza, they could be a strong contender to take it all.

Natus Vincere

Courtesy of @natusvincerelv

Natus Vincere are a strong side that have been looking to find their footing and get some silverware under their belt. They have yet to win anything in 2019, but they did come in third in the GLL Grand Slam. They know how to compete on an international level, and they will be hoping that their momentum can keep carrying them to the top. Natus Vincere are a team with solid tactics that they can employ to finish off any side.


SoloMid are a side that have struggled up until Phase 3 of the PEL. They finally found a high finish, coming in third place. Many teams will see them as an easy target, considering their poor form in the past, but they should not be overlooked. They showed that they have fight in the final phase, and if they can dig deep again, this fight could shock the competition.

CrowdCrow and G2 Esports

Finally, we have CrowCrowd and G2 Esports joining the rest of the teams. Both of these teams are mid-table teams that know how to fight, but have yet to produce any notable results. In PUBG Esports, teams like this can seemingly come out of nowhere and win with a solid stroke of skill, so they can never be left unchecked. They have both put up individual performances over the three phases that are worthy of praise. If they catch their stride and begin to perform, they can be just as much of a contender as anyone else.

Tune in again for more coverage of the PUBG Global Championship.

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