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PUBG Global Championship: The Grand Finals

PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship has finally come to a close. The final two days of competition were some of the best PUBG action of the year. In the end, the first-place spot was a toss-up between teams that had fought their hardest to get to this championship. Some teams showed exactly why they were here, as others missed the chance of a lifetime. With the PUBG Global Championship a wrap, who became the best in the world?

Day One

PUBG Global Championship
Image courtesy of @LosHD_PUBG on Twitter

Day one kicked off with a massive start for Gen.G. They took a Chicken Dinner in the first match with 13 kills and then did the double in match two with nine kills. Entus Force and VC were hot on their tails with some strong second place finishes, but Gen.G’s commanding form was too much to overcome. Match three saw a big win for TSM. They had a difficult time in the first two matches, but they finally seemed to pick up the pace with their eight-kill win. Halfway into day one teams were already starting to show that they meant business.

The fourth match saw Entus Ace get on the board with a big 11-kill win. Entus Force tried to uproot them, but they fell, earning the second-place finish. The fifth match went to Tempo Storm, making them the first North American side to get a win in this championship. They may have claimed the win, but it didn’t help out too much after their poor run of form in the first matches. The final win of the day went to FaZe. They gave their cause a big boost with 12 kills and a solid win. Their win wrapped up day one. The leaderboard is starting to take shape, but anything could happen in day two.

Day Two

PUBG Global Championship
Image courtesy of @FaZeUpdate on Twitter

The final day started off with a repeat win for FaZe as they set their sights on first place. They came out of the game with 10 kills, but Gen.G was close behind with a 13-kill, second-place finish. The race for first is getting closer and closer. Natus Vincere then came up in the next match and earned a big win. They are trying to get as close to the top as they can. The third match of day two was claimed by Four Angry Men. They took down eight players to add to their consistent performance so far.

Only three matches stand before a winner is crowned. On Sanhok, VC Gaming picked up their first Chicken Dinner as they took out FaZe. Their win was followed by a huge win for Four Angry Men in the second to last match. With their win, Gen.G, FaZe and 4AM are in a tight race for first. Anything could change in this final match.

The Final Match

PUBG Global Championship
Image courtesy of @KevinChou on Twitter

The final match was an intense one. Four Angry Men went out early on, leaving the first-place spot for FaZe and Gen.G to fight over. Gen.G went out in fourth place, but their kill and placement points put them on top. A lone member of FaZe attempted to win it all for his team, but his efforts fell short by just a few points. Entus Force then went out in second, leaving Natus Vincere to take the Chicken Dinner. In the end Gen.G still remained on top, and they were crowned the best in the world.

Congratulations to Gen.G for winning the PUBG Global Championship with such a great performance. Tune in for more coverage of PUBG Esports.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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