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PUBG Global Championship: The Current Qualifiers

PUBG Global Championship

With the PUBG Global Championship right around the corner, the roster is finally starting to take shape. The best of the best from all over the world are gathering to see who is the best out of all of the PUBG teams that the world has to offer. The competition starts on November 11, 2019, and there is no doubt that the qualified teams have butterflies in their stomachs as they prepare. Who has qualified so far and who looks to be the favorites?

The National PUBG League

PUBG Global Championship
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First off, all of the teams from North America are ready to go. The National PUBG League is sending Tempo Storm, Lazarus, Genesis, Team Envy and Ghost Gaming. All of these teams are formidable sides, but two of them will especially need to be watched. Tempo Storm has won every single phase of the National PUBG League and they have a killer instinct. If they can build on their momentum from the NPL, they could be a favorite to win it all. However, they have been in many international competitions at this point, and they have not been able to put up the same numbers as they do in the NPL.

Genesis, formerly Cloud9, have proven that a name is nothing when it comes to a group of players. They are writing their own story and it has given them a new drive to win. If they can continue their great run of form, they could be up at the top as well.

The European Qualifiers

PUBG Global Championship
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FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, Team SoloMid, G2 Esports and CrowCrowd are coming from Europe. All of these teams are strong sides, but FaZe and Team Liquid stand out. These two teams are always at the top of the competition and are deadly when they are in form. Both of these teams had over 700 points in their last phase and they are showing no signs of fading out. Either of these teams could find themselves at the top of the PUBG Global Championship.

More Qualifiers

From Korea, we will see T1, OGN Entus Force, Afreeca Freecs Fatal, Gen.G and DeToNator.KOREA. There will also be one more team joining before the PUBG Global Championship kicks off. Many of these teams, like Afreeca Freecs Fatal, have been at the world stage and know just what to do. These are very technical, fast teams, that could quickly take the competition by storm.

From Southeast Asia we will see Divine Esports, Armory Gaming, Sky Gaming Daklak and VC Gaming. Some of these teams are new to the global stage, so they will be very eager to show what they are made of. These teams are strong, and they could prove to be the dark horse of the PUBG Global Championship.

PUBG Global Championship
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Finally, the Chinese qualifiers are Four Angry Men, Infantry and QM Gaming. Four Angry Men are a very strong, well known side. They will be looking for glory undoubtedly and will take on anyone who is in their way. Four Angry Men will be a big favorite to win it all.

We are still waiting on the teams from Japan, Latin America, Oceania and TWHKMO. Will any of these teams stand out as favorites in the PUBG Global Championship? Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG Esports.

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