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PUBG: Fantasy Battle Royale


Something very different is coming to PUBG. The Fantasy Battle Royale is something that was originally thought to be an April Fool’s joke, but it is all too real now. This very limited event is swiftly nearing its end, but the game type could open up some new possibilities for fans of PUBG. Instead of firing off rounds and throwing explosives, players are thrown into a more primitive battle where the days of old return. What was the special event and what could it spell for the future?

An April Fool’s Surprise


Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

This event was available to all players for free, giving people quarantined at home an opportunity to try out something new without having to break the bank. This event provided special missions to earn exclusive rewards. In this mode, players have the choice to play as one of four classes. These classes consist of Barbarian, Ranger, Wizard and Paladin. This game type takes place on Dragon’s Isle on Erangel with 20 squads of four. These matches to not earn XP or progress the season pass, but they do earn you points toward the separate missions and rewards.

The Barbarian and The Ranger

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Each class is very different, and balances out a squad. The Barbarian is a high hit point melee character who can use rage to increase their stats. Every time they land a successful attack, they gain additional movement and speed. They can produce Mega Energy Drinks that recover a large about of HP over time. The Ranger is a sniper type character that is equipped with a Dragonslayer crossbow. This crossbow can fire multiple shots in succession. They have low health, so it is smart for them to keep their distance from the close combat situations. They have Flash Powder grenades that can blind enemies and decrease their damage.

The Wizard and The Paladin

Image courtesy of PUBG Corp

Wizards have even lower health than the Ranger, but they deal some extremely heavy damage. They can fire to consecutive want blasts, drop a fireball spell, or call in a massive meteor. The other members of the team will need to protect this character, but it is all worth it when you consider all of the damage they can do. Finally, there is the Paladin. This is the healer class of the group, using their special Mendingstar to do it. They can also protect teammates with their Brooklyn Shield. The Mendingstar heals allies and it hits them, and it will slow down enemies when it hits them. They can also call their shield into action to push enemies away. This class produces first aid kits and can use a Heal Bomb. The heal bomb is an area of effect item, but it can also heal enemies. It should be used in the right situations.

Care packages will show up more often than usual, and they will carry the proper items to upgrade your equipment.

What Could Come?

This game mode is one of the biggest surprises that has come out of PUBG. It was a fun experiment for players and it could have been the perfect testing ground for a new game mode in the future. Many players enjoyed these fantasy antics, so they should keep their hopes up for a more permanent mode. A new mode like this could add a whole new aspect to the game and maybe even bring in some new players.

Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG.

Featured image courtesy of PUBG Corp.

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