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PUBG Betting 2020. Sites and odds

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So far, 2020 is just confirming what people have been observing for years in the gaming industry. Due to its integration in our daily lives and thanks to the fact that is so versatile, the number of gamers increases every year. One of the most potent sides of this domain has been developing alongside the wide web this whole time and it’s known to many as iGaming or online gambling. Alike the gaming industry, when it comes to gambling, the flood of offers is so huge. What you can do? Luckily, there were developed tools that can help you find your favourite. If you want to take a look, check out this awesome website and see for yourself.


But this is not the only betting that is going on. In fact, one of the trendiest things nowadays is betting on professional video gamers to compete against each other in battles and tournaments, especially of battle royale type of games. You can see that through the content that appears online every day. For example, one very popular game is Apex Legends with its newest addition that gamers seem to love. Another loved option is PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds if you wish the entire title. It is designed in such a way that satisfies the need to play and watch a good fight. It’s like heaven for betting!

PUBG has the advantage of a multiplayer that can be customized to private games. This way users have the options to play with random people or in an organized event. Another plus is also the main objective of the game: to kill the other players that have been parachuted on your island. Fighting games still have a place on the popularity podium, as they have for dozens of years.

Players loved it so much that Bluehole, the South Korean company that created the game, decided to celebrate the 2 million copies sold milestone by organizing a charity competition. It was streamed on Twitch and reached the sum of US$120,00 and US$100,000 match from the company. But that’s just the most famous one and it got a lot of coverage because of its noble aim. Gamblers and players love to bet on the game, just like people bet on horse racing at Derbies or millions do across the globe on football, hockey or basketball.

Just like in any online betting scenario, we recommend you do it in a very safe place. If you don’t know what to look for and discern the safe places from the sketchy one, look for the following aspects:

  • if the site is licensed and who gave out the licence;
  • how many games and competitions are available;
  • how many people are on the site or talking about it on gambling portals.

The more traffic a place has, the better you can expect it to be. Currently, you can bet on PUBG rounds on,,, and many more.

Besides the safety guaranteed by these websites, they will also give you great tips on how to approach PUBG betting, as any type of wagering is unique depending on what the game is and how the competitions work. One great tip for PUBG betting is to choose a small wager on one team and for every dollar you bet, you win the multiplied amount. For instance, a 4/1 wager will land you US$4 for every US$1 you lay down, if you pick the winning player/team.

The best approach to gambling and betting online is made from several ingredients. First, you need to start with a responsible approach, because too much may bring negative aspects. Keep it fun by choosing your favorite sports, games, and areas that you want to invest your money in, even if you keep it in the low numbers. And last, but not least, choose a safe site to do so, because the saying “safety first” is very relevant here.

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