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PUBG: Battlegrounds Weekly Series 2020 Week 1 and 2

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With a lot of the PUBG Esports schedules changing due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, there are still some that fans of the sport are able to turn to. Their leagues have been able to keep their battles going in a non-traditional manner, but the action has still remained the same. One of these leagues is the Battlegrounds Weekly Series 2020 in South Korea. Some of the major competitive teams from the international level are here and they have been putting on a show over that past two weeks.

Phase 1 Week 1

PUBG Esports

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Phase 1 Week 1 was a fast-paced competition with teams putting up some amazing displays. With only five rounds and fifteen teams competing in them, any foot hold was a solid leap toward the top. The first round saw a familiar face, OGN Entus, come out with a Chicken Dinner and 10 kills. OGN Entus is always putting on a good show, and they kicked this off with their usual solid gameplay. They were tailed by OP.GG Sports who landed in second with only three kills. Round 2 saw LAVEGA Esports come out on top with eight kills. LAVEGA tried to grab another win in round three, but they came out in fourth with three kills.

Round 3 ended up going to OP.GG, who were quickly finding their form after some solid performance in the first two rounds. Their total points are stacking up as they eye first in this week. Round 4 fell victim to Quadro, who finally got the points that they had been eyeing. Afreeca Freecs, another familiar face, almost took the win, but fell to second. In the fifth and final round, Afreeca Freecs came back, and took home the final Chicken Dinner after coming so close last time. At the end of the week, Griffin took the top spot. With no Chicken Dinners, their overall performance was enough to get them into first. OP.GG followed them in second, with OGN Entus coming in third.

Phase 1 Week 2

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Week 2 was very similar to Week 1 in terms of action, but the outcome was shifted. OGN Entus came out in first place this time, followed by Team Quadro in Second, Griffin in third, and LAVEGA Esports in fourth. OP.GG couldn’t string together enough performance this time around, and came out in seventh place. They will be hoping to turn things around in the coming week three competition. With all of the exciting battles going on in this tournament, one of the biggest surprises comes from on specific team’s performance. That team is Gen.G.

Where is Gen.G?

PUBG Esports
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Gen.G were a major success in 2019, taking home the most coveted PUBG honor, winning the PUBG Global Championship. Viewers were surprised to see them leave the first week with only a single top three finish, and then coming out in tenth place. In Week 2, they performed only slightly better, landing an eighth-place finish. It may be too early to tell, considering only two of the five weeks have passed, but something will have to change if they are looking to come out on top of the Battlegrounds Weekly Series looking like the champions that they are known to be.

Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG Esports, and stay safe.

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