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PGS Berlin: The Current Qualifiers

PGS Berlin

Even though the PUBG Global Series: Berlin is currently on hold due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the roster still continues to build up as teams qualify. The roster keeps adding powerful teams that have their eyes set on the prize, and the competition continues to get tougher. Nine sets of qualifiers have finished, with two remaining. The qualified teams await the results of the ones remaining, but as it stands now, who are the strongest teams that we will see in the PGS: Berlin?

PUBG Global Championship

PGS Berlin

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First up are the top four from the PUBG Global Championship in 2019. Gen.G, Four Angry Men, FaZe Clan and OGN Entus are all very strong sides. Gen.G was dominant in the PGC, and they also took home the prize in the PUBG Japan Series Winter Invitational. They have been on a roll, and they will want to add another trophy to the case. The other three from the top four will all be dangerous in this series and any of them could be a favorite to take the top.

Korean Qualifiers

From the Korean Qualifiers we will see Griffin, Team Quadro, Element Mystic and VRLU Ghibli. Griffin was dominant in their qualifiers racking up a huge 171 points in the group stage. They will be looking to capitalize on their form from this when they take on this new task. VRLU Ghibli came out on top overall,. Being a newer side, they will be eager to make a true name for themselves in this competition.

European Qualifiers

PGS Berlin
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The European Qualifiers have provided this tournament with some well-seasoned sides. Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Exalt Gaming, WTSG, ENCE and Northern Lights team will be joining the group. Teams like Natus Vincere and Team Liquid have been in the game and on the top for a long time. Their experience will be key in Berlin. WTSG will be one of the teams to watch, coming off of a big win in season four of the Global Loot League. Their taste of victory will give them a big edge going into these coming battles.

The Rest of the World

From the Thailand and Vietnam Qualifiers Buriram United Esports and CERBERUS Esports will be joining. Both of them performed well in their respective qualifiers and they will be looking to make a splash on the global stage. ArkAngel Preadator is coming from the Rest of SEA Qualifiers, and Golden Cat is joining from Southeast Asia. They will also be looking to break into the global stage.

Finally, we have Global Esports Xsset and Team Curson joining from the PUBG Master League, and SunSister coming in from Japan. SunSister pulled off some incredible performances to be the one representative from Japan, so they will be ready to put up yet another fight. All of these teams will be awaiting the results of the Chinese Qualifiers and the Americas Qualifiers, which both could add some real spice to the tournament.

All of these teams will be eagerly awaiting the decision on the postponement.

Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG Esports.

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