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PGS Berlin Europe Qualifiers: Who is Moving On?

PGS Berlin

After a long, hard fought weekend, the winner of the PGS Berlin Europe Finals has finally emerged. Six teams have qualified for the next stage, while all of the others have been left behind to watch from the stands. The race for the qualifying spots was tight as teams jumped in and out of the safe zone. Some surprises came over the weekend, with teams pulling out some jaw-dropping performances. Who are the teams moving on to the global stage?

Day 1

PGS Berlin

Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Day 1 began with group A taking on group B. The day kicked off with an opening win for Omaken, who topped Team SoloMid with nine kills. Inside was up next, taking the second match with a massive 14 kills. WTSG tried to overcome them, but they failed in the end. The third match went to Team SoloMid, who capitalized on their form from the previous matches. Match four was claimed by Exalt, who have been in the top four for the entirety of the day. Exalt pulls ahead even more. Next up, Team Liquid saw their first win on the day, taking home a big 12 kills. They were the followed by another win Exalt, who slapped down the other teams with a huge 15 kill game. They finished on top of the first day with 74 points.

Day 2

PGS Berlin
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Day 2 pitted group A against group C. Team Liquid added another win to their tally with a 10-kill Chicken Dinner. Natus Vincere followed them, and matched them with their own 10-kill Chicken Dinner. ADEPTS got on the board next, topping the first two wins with a huge 12 kills. These two groups are at each other throats with everything being so close. NLT came in next in match four, matching the previous 12-kill game. Raise Your Edge finally got their win in match five, joining the other teams who claimed 10-kill Chicken Dinners on this day. Finally, YMCA wrapped up the day with their first win. Raise Your Edge took the day with 54 points.

Day 3

In the final day, group B took on group C. Natus Vincere started off with the biggest win so far, taking 17-kills away, and adding a major boost to their points. Raise Your Edge claimed another win in the second match, with only two kills. Any points are helpful in these final hours. Match three was Natus Vincere’s game again, as they continued to pull away from the competition with another 11 kills. In match four, UNITY got on the board with a nine-kill Chicken Dinner. They were followed by NLT, who continued on their impressive run of form. Finally, ENCE earned some very valuable points with a huge five-kill game to wrap it all up.

PGS Berlin
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

After three hard-fought days, Natus Vincere took the top spot with a huge 130 points to their name. They were followed by Team Liquid with 103 points, Exalt Gaming with 100 points, WTSG with 100 points, ENCE with 88 points, and NLT with 87 points. Theses six teams will be moving on to the PGS Berlin to compete for the biggest prize.

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Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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