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PGS Berlin Europe Qualifiers: Preview and Final Roster

PGS Berlin

With time ticking closer and closer to the PUBG Global Series: Berlin event, teams have been getting ready for their individual qualifying rounds. Coming up this weekend, its Europe’s turn to take the stage as 24 teams will face off to qualify for the final stage of this global competition. Many of Europe’s big names will be looking to show their strength, while newer teams will be ready to break onto the global scene. Who is likely to go far this time around?

The Top of the PEL

PGS Berlin

Image courtesy of @natusvincerelv on Twitter

Many of the familiars are coming from the PEL. These teams consist of Team Liquid, Team SoloMid, Natus Vincere, UNITY, Omaken, RAHINA, WTSG, Exalt Gaming, Diamond Dogs, Team Unique, Raise Your Edge Gaming, ENCE, Se7en Esports, TORNADO ENERGY and Adepts.

All of these teams have aspects that can lead them to win, but some stand out more than others. Team Liquid is one of the strongest teams coming from this group, and they will be ready to win. They had a very solid performance in season four of the GLL, and they will be carrying over the momentum from that performance. Kaymind is a player to watch with them. He has been in great form in addition to really bringing the team together.

PGS Berlin
Image courtesy of @gllpubg on Twitter

Natus Vincere and Team SoloMid are also two very strong teams that will be worth watching. They are both very experienced on the global stage, so they will be ready to reach it once more. Alongside them, WTSG and Omaken will be big teams as well. Omaken were a solid side in the GLL and they will be ready to reach the grand stage once more. WTSG were incredible in the GLL, taking home all of the glory. There is no doubt that they will want to add more gold to their shelves, so they will be coming in hot and ready.

New Faces

PGS Berlin
Image courtesy of Liquipedia

The rest of the teams joining the fray will be coming in from the EU Qualifiers. These teams consist of Elgiganten Gaming, YMCA Esports, Inside Games, Entropy Gaming, WinStreak15, Team Phantom, Northern Lights Team, Blaze Esports and Etiget Esports.

Entropy Gaming was formerly ADR Farmers, and they will be ready to put on a good performance under their new name. Team Phantom came in as a replacement for POGilaya 4etverka, and they will be excited to come in and get a chance to fly through to the global stage. Many of these teams will have some nerves coming into a competition against so many seasoned sides from the PEL. They will have to be on their best game to take on the battles, but anything can happen in PUBG.

The Europe Championship will take place March 6 – 8 and battle over three days of play. Each of the three days will take place in a group format. After all groups are played, match results will be counted into a single ranking group to see who moves on and wins the championship. This time around, the prize pool will consist of $60,000. Be ready to see some high caliber action this weekend.


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