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PGS Berlin Americas Qualifiers: The Final Roster

Americas Qualifiers

The roster for the PGS Berlin Americas Qualifiers has been finalized. Teams from all over the Americas have fought their hardest to earn these positions, proving that they are the best from their regions. Some old faces have shown up, while new ones have arrived to break onto the scene. 16 teams will be ready to battle it out in March, and it is sure to be a tough fight for everyone. Who are the teams that will be seen?

North America

Americas Qualifiers

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From North America there is Yaho, Houston Hardshifts, Inquisition, Radiance, Genesis, Exodus, Classic_ and Team Clueless. The North American qualifiers were a shock to a lot of people due to the fact that many of the teams from the National PUBG League under-performed. Genesis is the only team from the NPL that made it through, and they did it in style. Genesis will be a favorite coming into this competition, due to their power in general. They were a dominate side, with four Chicken Dinners and a ton of kills. They will be a major side to watch.

Exodus will also not go unnoticed. They were right behind Genesis in the qualifiers as they burst onto the scene. Their teamwork was impressive, and there is no doubt that they will be looking for a big win. Yaho and Huston Hardshifts followed them, both making names for themselves. If they can continue their hot run of form, they could shock everyone. The North American qualifiers gave out the most spots in the Americas Qualifiers, so it will be hard to miss their teams come March.

Latin America

Americas Qualifiers
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Latin America have sent five teams through to the finals. These teams are Red Canids, 100medo, Meta Gaming, 9z Team and EXODIA. Red Canids are a seasoned side, coming off of a strong 2019. They will be looking to assert their dominance and show why they have made it this far. They came out on top of their qualifiers, leaving the rest of the teams in their dust. 100medo and Meta also put on some great performances, so they won’t go down lightly. 9z Team, formerly Team Rune, will be ready to impress under their new name as well.


Americas Qualifiers
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Finally, there are the three Oceanic Qualifiers. FURY, Athletico Esports and Team Ferox will finish up the roster for the Americas Qualifiers. FURY signed the roster of Incognito, hoisting their organization into the first-place position. As always, teams under new ownership are looking to impress. Incognito has always been an impressive side, so FURY will be hopeful to bring home some gold with this roster. Athletico are a team that is always in the spotlight. They will be sure to uphold their reputation and aim for the top as usual. Their past few ventures on the global stage haven’t been very successful, so they will be eager to head in the right direction.

The Americas Qualifiers are approaching quickly, and will be another PUBG Esports event that fans won’t want to miss.

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