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PCS Asia 4 Q and A Preview With Clinton “Paperthin” Bader

Ahead of PCS 4 Asia, it was time to talk to the King of Korea, everyone’s favorite chrome-domed PUBG caster Clinton “Paperthin” Bader. Paperthin is not only the most prominent English caster of Korean FPS games today, but is an undying advocate for the Korean scene. With the PCS events returning, it was time to pay him a visit and see what he was thinking ahead of the event. Make sure you follow him on Twitter and Twitch (@paperthinhere).

With Infantry & Tianba missing out on PCS 4, how do you think that will impact the lobby overall?

Image Courtesy of @PKL_Info

Paperthin: Without Tianba there, my first point of interest is South George, and whether or not GFY will contest Gen.G for it. There seems to be at least one weakness in Gen.G’s game, and that is their ability to control their drop spots, as we saw with AE bullying them out of Pecado during PWS. With no IFTY, that opens up some space on the southside of Erangel, and probably has players breathing a bit easier in end games without LongSkr looming. Also, on Miramar, with both these teams, IFTY in particular, not on the east side of the map, I am curious to see how much that opens up rotations along that far south/east road.

Enter Force.36’s recent acquisitions of Starlord and Indigo feel like they could have a massive impact on the team’s potential outcome. Do you expect them to play and what do you think they can bring to the team?

Paperthin: I am pretty sure Indigo will play, I am not 100% on Starlord. Starlord has expressed interest in coaching, so he might fill in a sub/coach. I’ve even heard rumors and seen in scrims that Giken will be making his return with E36 as a player, not just as a coach. I have middling expectations for this team, but they sure do have a lot of old-school fragging power. I wouldn’t be surprised if they come through with a top 5 finish in a week or two.

4AM were dominant during the PCL final winning seven games. This is not the first time they have come into a PCS event after winning PCL, and that performance was below expectation. Do you think 4AM can keep it together and grab that international title that has eluded them for years?

Image Courtesy of @TwireGG_PUBG

Paperthin: 4AM are my favorites to win PCS4 Asia, but a lot of the damage they did was early on in the event (PCL). I worry they may have run out of steam. That being said, Forever is playing OUT OF HIS FREAKING MIIND and GodV is calling great games. When I watch the PCL vods, the thing that really sticks out to me is how good 4AM is at working as a team and covering each other. I expect them to be top 3 at this event, barring any drop spot contention shenanigans.

The Korean scene feels more open than it has been in a while. Do you think the change in rule sets has allowed for more teams to thrive and vie for titles?

Paperthin: I think there has just been.a steady increase in the level of play throughout Korea. I am seeing teams and players, who even last year, were struggling with decision making/rifling/utility usage/etc, but have no worked hard with their coaching and analyst staffs to get themselves into much better form. Also, there is a lot of young, and very talented, players who are rising up in Korea as well, and they are giving much needed boasts to some squads who have been struggling to find that fragger who can open up space.

What player do you think will become a household name after PCS 4 Asia

Image Courtesy of @Danawa_esports

Paperthin: My eyes are on some of the young players. Salute (Danawa) and Cobra (KaiXin) will make splashes I feel. Yuren (KaiXin) will probably have some nutty bolt plays, and will make some highlight reels as well.

What team do you think everyone is sleeping on? 

Paperthin: GFY, 911’s new team, has really impressed me from China. From Korea, definitely Danawa and maaaaybe emTek. emTek has always had a safe, play-for-late-game style that I think lends itself well to the MC rule.

Predicted Winner?

Paperthin: 4AM or Gen.G. Hard to argue with the amount of success those teams have had in MC and WWCD rulesets.

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