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PCS Asia 4 Minor Region Preview: Can E.36 Or GEX Make A Surprise Run?

Ahead of PCS Asia 4, it is time for the team previews. Instead of doing all the teams in one lump sum, they are getting broken up by region. This not only allows for more in depth conversation, but a bigger focus on the interregional standing.

The State of Taiwanese/Japanese PUBG

2021 is a year of massive change for these two regions. They no longer directly qualify for PCS events through the leagues in the country. Yes, PJL and PML no longer qualify teams to PCS. Instead, the teams must fight to qualify for PCS by either making top eight during PWS or place high enough in PWS to get your region’s default spot. This is a step down for the minor regions and greatly reduces their viability. Still team’s have managed to fight through and two made it to PCS 4 Asia.

Exit Light, Enter Force.36

Image Courtesy of @ENTERFORCE_36 on Twitter

Enter Force.36 is one of the most compelling test cases for the future of PUBG in a long time. Recently, the Japanese team added two well-known Korean players, Starlord & Indigo, to their roster. There is a future article planned for this topic, but for now all there is to say is this. If they play in PCS 4, it will be really interesting and raises their potential ceiling. Simultaneously, this is an all Japanese team that is integrating two Korean player. Who knows what issues may pop up. Given there is no public scrim data currently, there is no way to know who is playing. For the Japanese players, this team is the cleanest Japanese team there is right now. Pureboy can pop off in any game and is the primary fragger among the team. Sylphia melts Paperthin’s heart every time he picks up a sniper. Meanwhile, amonot and Satou both provide good leadership. They almost certainly won’t win, but a good result could mean a lot to the region.

Time To Go Global with GEX

When it comes to Taiwanese teams, this Global Esports Xsset (GEX) roster has run the region for almost a year. They started out as GEX’s sister team who beat out their main team to make PCS 2. Then, after being picked up by K7 Esports, Made PCS 3. After that, as K7, the finished 22nd at PGI.S, 6 spots ahead of GEX. Finally, After PGI.S, GEX signed their once academy roster back from K7 to be their main roster. That is a hectic nine month stretch. Now back with GEX though, this team is out for blood and ready to prove that Taiwanese teams can fight the major regions. With the Most Dinners settings being in effect, those odds are even higher. After all, the only reason the did not win a week of PWS is because Danawa put up four wins to their three.

GEX’s three core players are Savior, ZhenNan & Lokslok. All three players have pop off moments, especially ZhenNan. When he is at his peak, he can be one of the best players on the server. Those three pair with a revolving cast of YanLi & BuYoHoo. Much like E.36, this team likely will not win PCS 4. That being said, continued good results by this roster will only continue to cement their threat status in the Asian scene.


  1. Enter Force.36 (With the Koreans)
  2. Global Esports Xsset
  3. EnterForce.36 (Without the Koreans)

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