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NPL Phase 3 Preview

National PUBG League

With less than a week left until the National PUBG League kicks off for Phase 3, what teams are looking the strongest? Some teams are looking stronger than other based off of their performances over the past two phases and international competition. There’s a lot of power to go around in the NPL, so this phase is going to be another one that comes down to the most technical points a team can get. Who will be coming out on top this time around?

The New Cloud9

Image courtesy of @GenesisPUBG on Twitter

With Cloud9 dropping their team and leaving them nameless in the NPL, it was time for them to step up. The former Cloud9 players have renamed themselves Genesis. Genesis will be a strong contender in Phase 3. They have something to prove now that they are under their own name. Kaymind will be one of their biggest players. He has always stood out as a leader for the squad, and his performance for Canada in the PUBG Nations Cup showed that he can play well under any circumstances. Genesis will be out to make a new name for themselves, so if left unchecked by others, they could rise to the top in a heartbeat. They have the ability to put up numbers, so watch out for them in Phase 3.

NPL Dominators: Tempo Storm

Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Two more big time contenders will be Tempo Storm and The Rumblers. Tempo Storm are always a team to watch. They have been a dominant force over the last two phases and have performed very well in many of the international competitions. Sharky will be the one to watch on their side. His ability to take control of a match and stay cool under pressure can be a deciding point in any match that they are a part of. They will have their eyes set on third win undoubtedly. If they can pull of similar performances to the past, they just might steal another win.

The Rumblers

Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The Rumblers emerged as a major force in Phase 2, and their momentum has not died down. They came so close to winning it all in Phase 2, sitting on top of the league for most of the phase. If it wasn’t for Tempo Storm’s final push, they would have pulled it off.  One of their biggest players, LosHD, is a killing machine in the NPL. His kills are one of the biggest reasons that they did so well in the last phase. If he can lead by example once more, they might be able to do what they aimed to do last time and win it all.

New Faces in the NPL

Two newly promoted teams will be looking to make their place in Phase 3. Soniqs and Riot Squad Esports (formerly Shook) will be firing for the top. Soniqs dominated the contenders with extreme force. If they carry over that power into the NPL, they will be feared by the competition and be a constant at the top of the table. Riot Squad will be looking to make good on their new name. Often teams that go through changes before the beginning, like The Rumblers, have a new sense of fight about them. If Riot Squad taps into this, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the NPL Phase 3.


Tune in next week for more coverage of the NPL.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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