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NPL Contenders Phase 3 Preview

National PUBG League

With less than a week left until the National PUBG League returns, the Contenders have their eyes set on a strong Phase 3. Many of them grasped at a chance for promotion last phase, but they just couldn’t pull together enough of a fight. The Contenders teams will come out guns blazing, ready to prove that they have what it takes to earn promotion. With some new and old faces, what teams will pull away this time around?

Contenders Big Players

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Smokin’ Aces Red is a team that started in the NPL, but have since fallen from their glory. They were hanging on through Phase 2, putting up decent numbers as well. However, at the halfway point of the last phase, they were unable to keep competing as they fell to the bottom of the table. They will be fighting hard to get back to where they used to be, so all of the other teams will need to keep their eyes on them.

Noble Esports were also a team that started off in the NPL but have since fallen down to the lower levels. They have struggled over the past two phases, but they have been showing promise after the end of Phase 2. They have been down long enough and they will be looking to finally make their break back into the top. If they can pull together and show how well they can do, they could be a top contender.

More Players in the Mix

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There are a lot of teams in the mix, but The Happy Campers and Leggo Your Ego are two of them that could be big players in Phase 3. Both have shown that they can play against the big sides in the Royale competitions, but they have failed to bring the same fight into their own leagues. They have the killing potential, but need to work hard on bringing it together as a team. They both have some very talented players, so if they can get back on their game, they can be some serious contenders for the top.

Image courtesy of Liquipedia

There are some new face to watch out for as well in the NPL Contenders. Super Nova have taken Wildcards place as they moved up to the NPL in place of Simplicity.  Not too much is known about how they play, so they could be a true “wildcard” in Phase 3. Work in Progress are also looking to make their big break in the league, so they could also shock the competition. New sides are always likely to bring something new to the game, so other teams will need to keep them in check. There is going to be a lot of good fighting this time around to see who will be fighting for a place in the NPL.


NPL Roster Changes

Aside from the contenders, there have been a few more last-minute changes to the top league of the NPL. Lazarus have made some roster changes as they signed on Luke12 from Athletico and a new coach, Gunner. Team Envy has lost their player, Venerated, as he has moved on to their Fortnite division. Will these last second changes have any effect on the outcome of the NPL?

Tune in next week to see the beginning of all of the action!

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