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National PUBG League: Week One Recap

National PUBG League

The National PUBG League kicked off on Friday, and things are already heating up. 16 teams are competing for a prize of $200,000. The first round was intense as teams are starting to find their place in the league. 16 teams drop in for four matches each day, and four victors will emerge.

Match Day One

National PUBG League
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On match day one, Why Tempt Fate took the round one win with a 13-kill game. The game came down to a shootout between Why Tempt Fate and Tempo Storm. Bahawaka gave Why Tempt Fate the edge at the end with a five-kill rampage.

Round two went to Endemic with a very close ending to the game. SomeThang managed to wait out the circle and pull off the win for Endemic. The circle closing in is a difficult obstacle to overcome; it isn’t very often that a full closure brings the end to a game.

Round three and four of match day one went to Spacestation Gaming and Wildcard Gaming. Spacestation took an 11-kill victory with the help of the finishing shot from their team captain. Wildcard took the victory in round four with a 12-kill rally, taking down Cloud9 in the end.

Match day one ended with Tempo Storm in the number one position. Round one winner, Why Tempt Fate, came in at number seven. Amongst the other winners, Endemic came in third, Spacestation at fourth and Wildcard in eighth.

Match Day Two

National PUBG League
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Match day two started off with another victory for Spacestation Gaming, who finished off Wildcard to become the first team with two wins in the NPL. The next match of the day saw another victory for Why Tempt Fate, who joined the earlier winners for most wins in the NPL. John Bent for Why Tempt Fate clutched the second win, eliminating two teams at the end of the match.

The third match saw another victory for Why Tempt Fate, who surpassed Spacestation for most wins in the league. The final win of the day went to Cloud9, who were looking to secure a win after their close second place game from day one.

At the end of day two, Why Tempt Fate jumped above Tempo Storm to the number one position. They were followed up by Cloud9 in third, and Shoot To Kill in fourth. Spacestation Gaming fell into sixth place while Endemic and Wildcard Gaming tie for fifth.

League Standouts

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @OGNEsports on Twitter

The standouts from the week are Why Tempt Fate and Spacestation Gaming. Why Tempt Fate rallied and jumped into first place from seventh, and they now sit on top of the league with three wins. Spacestation may have dropped into sixth place, but their two wins show that they have the power to shake up the competition in the second round.





Looking Forward

Powerful teams have started to show themselves as we move into the next weekend of competition. The NPL Contenders will play their matches on Tuesday hoping to show that they have what it takes to move up into NPL competitions.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the NPL in the coming weeks!

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