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National PUBG League: Week Five

National PUBG League

Phase one of the National PUBG League has come to a close with the completion of week five. One team has emerged on top and shown that they are currently the best of the best. The final week has been full of intense combat and close games. What team emerged victorious?

Day One

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The first game of week five started off with a huge win for Cloud9. They put up a 16-kill game over Simplicity where they dominated in the end with the blue zone closing in. With these 16 kills, they gained some much needed points in these very important last days of competition.

The second match of the day went to Why Tempt Fate, who have been looking to regain their form from the beginning of phase one. They pulled out a huge 17-kill game, surrounding eUnited in the end and taking them down from all angles. This was the Why Tempt Fate that everyone remembered from the start, and because of this they made sure that people still know that they are in the fight.

Match three came down to a three-way battle between Tempo Storm, Shoot To Kill, and Ghost Gaming. Tempo Storm had the numbers advantage and they put down both teams, leading them to a six-kill Chicken Dinner. Tempo Storm continue to add points to their lead heading into the final day.

In match four a new team emerged victorious with their first win. Oxymoron came together and rallied a huge 15-kill Chicken Dinner against Tempo Storm. Oxymoron pulled off an impressive solo performance where they took out two Tempo Storm players as the blue zone closed in.

As they moved into the final day, teams were starting to show just how bad they wanted the win. Who would rise as champion at the end of the day?

Day Two

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @eUnitedGG on Twitter

Tempo Storm kicked off the final day with a 16-kill Chicken Dinner. It seemed that they were poised to take the win with three matches left as other teams attempt to rally some major points.

The second match of the day saw another win for Why Tempt Fate, but it didn’t come without a fight. They took down Tempo Storm in a firefight and put up 10 kills. Why Tempt Fate managed to gain some very important points in the final weekend of the NPL.

Match three handed a win to Smokin’ Aces who snatched 10 kills and took down Simplicity. Simplicity holed up in a building, but they could not escape the remaining players of Smokin’ Aces who were hungry for some points.

The final game of phase one saw Noble win a Chicken Dinner over Ghost. Although they put up a massive 16-kill game, nothing was enough to topple the first-place position held by Tempo Storm.

Phase One Champions

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

As phase one concluded, Tempo Storm took the prize after dominating the competition. They showed that teamwork and sheer force are going to be what it takes to win in the future. Because of this, Tempo Storm were the best team in the NPL.


Next Up

Next up for the National PUBG League is the first relegation tournament and the Global Summit. Who will be coming up to the NPL and who will be falling to the NPLC?

Stay tuned for more coverage of the National PUBG League!

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