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National PUBG League Royale Recap

National PUBG League

The National PUBG League Royale has come to an end and one team has come out on top. One team has earned themselves the 80k prize pool and proven that they are the best. The tournament was well fought, and many teams looked as if they would be the ones to push through to the end. Who dominated the competition and came out on top?

Group A – Day One

The first day of the Royale began with Group A playing their four matches. Match one went to Endemic, who kept all of their team members throughout the whole match. They took out Halocline Gaming with a seven-kill win, making a strong impact at the beginning of the Royale.

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The second match went to Shoot To Kill, who put up an impressive 10-kill Chicken Dinner. They took down Lazarus. STK had the advantage of the high ground and used it to clutch the win and get some much-needed points.

Match three went to Shoot To Kill again as they began to gain momentum in the competition. They took down Endemic with a huge 17-kill game and began to distance themselves from the competition. The final game of the day saw a Chicken Dinner for the first Contenders team, Overconfident. They put up 10-kills and secured their spot in the finals.

Out of Group A, Shoot To Kill, Overconfident, Endemic, Tempo Storm, The Happy Campers, Lazarus, eUnited, and Team Kru moved on to the finals.

Group B – Day Two

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

Group B took the stage on the second day with the first win going to Clould9. They took down SpaceStation Gaming with a killing spree. They then rolled through match two, but it wasn’t without heavy resistance from Ghost. Cloud9 earned the early points they needed to clinch their place in Group B.

The third match of the day saw Ghost Gaming come back and take down Simplicity in a firefight on the hills of Miramar with seven kills. Ghost gained the points they needed to show their intentions in the NPL Royale.

Match four brought a new team to the table with a win for GGWP. They earned a ten kill Chicken Dinner over Soniqs. This earned them a spot in the finals along with Ghost Gaming, Cloud9, Simplicity, SpaceStation, PlayerOne, Vicious, and Soniqs.

Now all of the teams from Group A and B had pressed through and look to take the 80k prize pool of the National PUBG League Royale final.

The Finals – Day Three

The finals kicked off with Cloud9 taking another victory in match one. They took the Chicken Dinner in a shootout with Endemic, SpaceStation, and eUnited. It was a surprise victory that earned them valuable points in the end.

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The second match of the final went to Overconfident who were looking for a much-needed win to keep them in the competition. They took down Ghost in a fast firefight to make sure that they secured the win.

Tempo Storm took match three. They put up a 16-kill game over Kru and broke their silent streak from the group stage. This gave them the momentum they needed to carry over into the final match.

After their impressive win, Tempo Storm came back in the final match of the day with a 14-kill win over Overconfident. This sealed the deal for them as they were crowned the champions of the National PUBG League Royale.

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The NPL leaders, Tempo Storm, proved again that they are the best in the league and took home the 80k prize pool and bragging rights over all of the teams in the league. Cloud9 followed them up in second with some good performances, with Overconfident behind them in third.

Tempo Storm will be looking to carry this momentum back into league play. They will have to work hard to keep their number one position. Tune in next week for more coverage of the National PUBG League!

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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