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National PUBG League Roster Updates

National PUBG League

With the PUBG Nations Cup coming to an end, the beginning of the National PUBG League draws closer and closer. Many players from the NPL represented their countries as they battled it out with each other. It is now time for them to return to their teams and prepare for phase three. As the new phase approaches, changes have already started to happen to boost rosters and be sure that victory is possible. What will phase three be like this time around?

Big Changes

National PUBG League
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Right off the bat, one of the biggest changes to the National PUBG League for phase three is Could9’s departure. On August 4, 2019, Cloud9 announced that they are dropping their PUBG team and its roster in its entirety. Fans of Cloud9 were extremely disappointed to see their team go, as Cloud9 has been a strong force since the beginning of the year. However, even with the name gone from the competition, the players have retained the spot in the league. The ex-Cloud9 players will be looking for a new mantle as the phase approaches, and depending on the direction they take, it could bring a new power to their already strong side.

A Second Chance

National PUBG League
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A new face will be making an appearance as Simplicity released their roster and were replaced by Wildcard Gaming on July 30, 2019. Wildcard were excited to get this second chance as they were unable to hold on during the phase two relegation. With this stroke of luck, Wildcard will be sure to come in guns blazing, eager for a chance to prove themselves once again.

Alongside the changes concerning Cloud9 and Simplicity, some other smaller changes have been made. Shook, who won their promotion in the phase two relegation battle, are now under the name of Riot Squad Esports. The roster is remaining the same as of now. The new backing will be an exciting push to help the team rise to the top in phase three.

Big Players in the National PUBG League

National PUBG League
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With all of the new changes, teams that have been around for the long haul will need to pay extra attention. There will be many teams to watch during this phase of the National PUBG League, considering all of the talent at hand. Tempo Storm, who have dominated and won the past two seasons, will undoubtedly be looking to continue the streak. There seems to be no end in sight with how good they have been doing, and they only continue to improve. Their players who took part in the PUBG Nations Cup will be eager to carry over their good performances and show exactly why they were chosen to represent their countries.

The Rumblers and Soniqs will be two more big squads to watch this time around. The Rumblers have been tearing it up ever since their promotion earlier in the year. They are on track to have another big phase. They were so close to winning last time, that there is no doubt they will be ready to bounce back. Soniqs dominated the NPLC, and if they can bring that fight to the National PUBG League, they will be a major contender to win it all.

Phase three is coming soon, who do you think will win it all. Stay tuned for more coverage of the National PUBG League!

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