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National PUBG League Relegation Weekend

National PUBG League

Phase 3 of the National PUBG League is wrapping up as the final relegation weekend has concluded. The Contenders sides that have fought so hard for this chance have finally had their opportunity to show off all of their hard work. The bottom teams of the NPL will be fighting their hearts out to keep from dropping down and having to climb all the way back to the top. What teams remained, and what teams made the hard-earned move up?

Day One

National PUBG League
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Day one started off with a huge win for Comets, who shocked everyone with their great performance. They took away nine kills as they overcame all of the competition. They almost did the double, coming in second in the next match, but SpaceStation took the game with nine kills. Wildcard came into the next match very strong and claimed a seven-kill chicken dinner.

The first day carried on as VanQuish earned a much-needed win with a solid eight kills. Obey was hot on their heels, bowing out in second with the same number of kills. PlayerOne took the fifth match with the biggest kill count of the day. They put 14 on the board, crushing the competition. Obey fell in second again, unable to grab on to that elusive with that they have been looking for. The first day of the National PUBG League relegation ended with a win for Halocline Gaming, who have been struggling so far. They won with only five kills, but a win is a win when fighting with these stakes at hand.

Day Two

National PUBG League
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The second day kicked off another win for PlayerOne. The eight kills that they added to their tally were vital in keeping them in the race. They are fighting hard to ensure that they stay in the National PUBG League. Wildcard then picked up their second win with 11 kills. Just like PlayerOne, they are fighting their hardest to fend off the Contenders and stay in the NPL. Match nine then went to The God Squad, who grabbed their first win for the weekend. They then turned around in match 10 and did the exact same thing with another six-kill win. These back to back wins solidified their intentions of jumping into the NPL.

With only two matches remaining, Elus1ve picked up their first win of the competition, earning 16 points overall. Even though this was a solid win, it was not enough to save them from remaining in the Contenders. With things wrapping up, the final match of the National PUBG League relegation weekend went to Smokin’ Aces Red. It was a massive 19-kill win, which boosted them from last place, to eighth place. Even though it was huge, it wasn’t enough to get them promoted.

Who Moved Up?

National PUBG League
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In the end, six teams earned their right to be in the next phase of the NPL. Wildcard, SpaceStation and PlayerOne remained in the NPL. They are joined by The God Squad, Noble and Comets, who have fought their way up, and earned their spot in the National PUBG League. VanQuish, Lowkey and Zenith will be spending the next phase with the Contenders.

Congratulations to all of the teams that will be in the next phase of the National PUBG League. Tune in again for more coverage of the NPL.

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