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National PUBG League: Phase Two Week Four

National PUBG League

The National PUBG League is getting closer to the end of phase two as week four has come to a close. The battle is as tight as ever as teams are trying their hardest to get points in the final days. Teams are pulling out all of the stops and turning games upside down to show that they deserve the top spot. Who took home all of the glory of week four?

Day One

In match one, Envy came in hot off of their victory in the NPL Royale to lock in an eight-kill Chicken Dinner. They shut down Lazarus and SpaceStation as the circle was closing in. Envy had to be extremely aware of their surroundings as shots were being fired from all sides. They kept their cool and showed exactly why they were the champions of the Royale.

National PUBG League

Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The Rumblers claimed match two as they fought uphill to eliminate the final member of Excelerate. The lone fighter from Excelerate attempted to use smoke to ward off The Rumblers, but their numbers were too much for him to handle. They came out of the game with five kills and more points toward their push for the top.

Match three came down to a shootout between Simplicity and SpaceStation. SpaceStation came out on top, surrounding the opposition. Simplicity had nowhere to run as SSG gunned them down to complete their seven kill Chicken Dinner. SpaceStation finally found the points that they were looking for since match one in this tense week of combat.

The final match of day one went to Ghost Gaming who had barricaded themselves in a house as the ring was closing in. The Rumblers tried to make a push, but the combination of the ring, and Ghost’s full squad, was too much from them to overcome.

Day One Standouts

The standouts from the first day of week were The Rumblers and SpaceStation. Both of these teams earned Chicken Dinners and major points throughout the day. The Rumblers continue to standout every week as they push to win it all. SpaceStation are putting up major points and showing that they aren’t out of this competition. Would these two be able to keep it up on day two?

Day Two

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports

Day two of week four kicked off with a strong win for Endemic. They took down nine players and finished off Simplicity for the win. The final moments were moving fast, but Endemic showed their strength.

They were followed by a win for Envy in match two. Envy were still riding their high from the NPL Royale as they continue to perform. They picked up 10 kills as they dropped Simplicity to second place. Simplicity are finishing high, but can’t seem to grab onto a win.

Match three saw a win for Excelerate who have been struggling to find their form in week four. After eliminating Lazarus, they pushed on and took out Ghost to seal their eight-kill win. They then bounced right back in the final match and took out the powerful SpaceStation. They picked up seven kills to add to their tally and ended week four on a strong note.

Day Two Standouts

Day two’s standouts were Envy and Excelerate. Envy are continuing to perform as they rise up the table. They are posing a serious threat to teams sitting up high. Excelerate had a slow start, but they came in hot and earned two wins. If they keep it up in the final week, they could make some big moves.

The Rumblers have jumped back into first as Tempo Storm falls down to fourth. Ghost follows them up in second while SpaceStation pops into third. With one week left, who is going to come out on top of the National PUBG League?

Tune in again for more coverage of the National PUBG League.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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