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National PUBG League: Phase Two Week Five

National PUBG League

Phase two of the National PUBG League has finally come to an end with week five. The competition has been fierce as all of the teams have given it their all while trying to reach the top. This has been the closest competition this year in the National PUBG League, and one team has finally come out on top. With all of the battling for the top position in this phase, who has finally taken home all of the glory?

Day One

Day one kicked off with a win for Cloud9, who have been looking to find their way up the table. They pushed in on BMG while the circle was closing in, looking to finish them off fast. The final member of BMG was hiding in a house, but it wasn’t enough to keep Cloud9 away. They finished with a nine-kill Chicken Dinner.

National PUBG League

Image courtesy of @eUnited on Twitter

Match two went to Player One as they picked up a seven-kill win. The circle had almost completely disappeared as it closed in on Player One and Ghost, and it all can down to a firefight. Player One had the numbers advantage and they were able to overcome the opposition.

The third match of the day went to eUnited, who have been looking to pick up some points here towards the end. They held their own against Tempo Storm, using high ground and cover to their advantage. eUnited are trying their hardest to make a dent in the standings on this final week.

The final match of day one was taken by SpaceStation who put up the most kills of the day with 14 kills. Envy tried to make a stand at the end, but SSG had their full squad and took them down. This was a huge win for SpaceStation.

Day One Standouts

The day one standouts were Ghost Gaming and Cloud9. Ghost may not have claimed a win, but they got a third and second place finish. This earned them some major points. Cloud9 took a Chicken Dinner and a fourth-place finish. There is no doubt that they are looking to take the top by the end of week five.

Day Two

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The second day kicked off with a big win for Ghost as they ran away with nine kills. It was yet another tight circle and this time two full teams faced off: Envy and Ghost. Ghost was quick with their shots and quickly put an end to it. Their win was followed by a big win for Cloud9. Carrying their fight from day one, they put up 10 kills and took the Chicken Dinner, taking down eUnited and The Rumblers in the process.

Match three saw a solid win for Simplicity, who are still trying to pull off a big jump in the standings. They claimed eight kills as they took down Wildcard’s final member in two versus one battle. Simplicity is trying their hardest to avoid battling in the relegation zone.

Finally, it all came down to the last match. With things so tight, any team could take the top. The team that pulled it off, yet again, was Tempo Storm. They pulled off a huge 12-kill game that shot them up to the top. They had been sitting around fifth place, but they finally found the push that they needed. Tempo Storm is yet again the champion of National PUBG League.

The Champions

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @OGNEsports on Twitter

Tempo Storm have won it all and they finished up with 296 points. They were followed by Cloud9 with 285 points, Ghost with 284 points, The Rumblers with 274 points and SpaceStation with 273 points. These five teams have qualified for the GLL Grand Slam and will be looking forward to more tense competition.

Congratulations to Tempo Storm on another big win. Tune in again for more coverage of the National PUBG League.


Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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