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National PUBG League Phase Two: NPL Royale

NPL Royale

The National PUBG League and the NPLC have taken a break from their regular competitions to compete in the NPL Royale. Just like phase one, the two leagues were split into an A group and B group. The top eight from each group advanced to the finals and battled it out for an $80,000 prize pool. Who advanced to the final? Would a team from the NPLC be able to take the top spot?

Group A

NPL Royale

Image courtesy of @eUnited on Twitter

Group A kicked off the competition with a big win for The Happy Campers, on the NPLC side. They opened with an 11-kill Chicken Dinner, quickly showing that a lower side team can make a big stand. After that shocking beginning, Cloud9 took a seven-kill win in match two. Cloud9 have been trying to take the top in the NPL for weeks, and they are now looking to prove their power by making a move in the NPL Royale.

Match three was a tight one, but Zenith came out of the game with a five-kill win. The circle was closing in fast, but they held their own against eUnited in a house in Miramar. eUnited had been grabbing for a win, but couldn’t overcome their competition. The final match went to Endemic who took down Soniqs and came out with an eight-kill win.

Soniqs, Cloud9, The Happy Campers, eUnited, Tempo Storm, Simplicity, Lazarus, and Endemic were moving on to the finals. Soniqs shocked the competition, putting up major points and showing that an NPLC team can change the game.

Group B

Group B started off with a win for Wildcard. They used the mountains to their advantage as they left SpaceStation to die by the blue zone. They came out with eight kills. Match two followed the first one with another eight-kill win, but for another team. This time, Envy took the win, hunting down the final member of the Comets who were trying their hardest to hold on.

The third match of Group B saw a massive win for SpaceStation. They took 13-kills, becoming the highest kill game of the NPL Royale so far. This earned them major points heading into the final. To finish it up, Wildcard took another win with seven kills. They held on through the battle and earned their way into the final.

NPL Royale
Image courtesy of @OGNEsports on Twitter

SpaceStation, Ghost, Wildcard, Envy, The Rumblers, Halocline, Yellowpike, and Excelerate moved on into the final. Would one of these teams take the top spot? Six games remained to decide who the winner would be.


The NPL Royale Final

NPL Royale
Image courtesy of @OGNEsports on Twitter

The final kicked off with a win for Simplicity, who were not able to grab a win in the group stage. They slipped by with only four kills, but a win is a win in PUBG. Match two went to Envy who were capitalizing on their form from the group stage. They took 10 kills as Cloud9 fell to the blue zone.

Things were heating up as match three kicked off. Endemic took the match with seven kills with their final kill being a lone member of Wildcard. Heading into the final three matches, everything is very close, but someone has to walk away a champion.

The fourth match was intense, but The Happy Campers came out on top. They gave one last strong representation for the NPLC with an eight-kill win. After that, Cloud9 put on a huge performance and claimed 13-kills. They were inching toward what could be a huge win for their team. There was one match remaining to see who ccould win it all.

NPL Royale
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The final match went to Wildcard with 10 kills. They put on a great performance, but they landed in the seventh-place position. After all of the battling, Envy emerged victorious with 65 total points. They were followed by Cloud9 with 52, and Ghost Gaming with 42.

Congratulations to Team Envy for winning phase two’s NPL Royale. Tune in next time for more coverage of the National PUBG League.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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