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National PUBG League: Phase Two Ending Predictions


With only two weeks of competition left in the National PUBG League, people are starting to take guesses at who is going to take the win. Phase two has been a much tighter competition when compared to phase one. The next two weeks are vital for many teams, and the top spot could go a few different ways. These teams are striving to win it all and get sent on to the GLL Grand Slam, and show the world that they are the best.

The GLL Grand Slam

National PUBG League

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The GLL Grand Slam is the second worldwide competition this year for PUBG. The National PUBG League is one of many leagues that will be represented in the tournament. It will be set up similarly to the FACEIT Global Summit, but more information about the way it will play will be available as we get closer to the end of the phase. One big thing to note at the moment is that the best performing region will gain an additional slot for the PUBG Global Championship. Teams will be trying their best to gain that extra slot and bring glory to their league.

The GLL Grand Slam will take place in Stockholm, Sweden and have a prize pool of $300,000. The battle will begin between 16 teams on July 19, 2019.

Before more can be said about that tournament, the National PUBG League’s Phase 2 has to wrap up. Many people are trying to pinpoint exactly what will happen, but it is difficult considering the great performances by so many teams this year. Here are the predictions for the outcome of these last two weeks of competition.

Phase Two Final Predictions

National PUBG League
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Week four is going to be a very important week especially for the top five teams. The Rumblers have been in and out of first place, now sitting only below Tempo Storm by two points. If they continue to perform like they have for the first three weeks, they will overtake Tempo Storm and have a good chance for staying in first. Tempo Storm, however, is a strong side and they are determined to win it all again. It is going to be an ongoing battle between these two to take the top.

The only downfall for these two powerhouses is their performance in the NPL Royale. Both of them made it through to the final, but both performed very poorly. The Rumblers landed in last place, never even breaking the top four. Tempo Storm earned a second-place finish, but they ended in twelfth place. Neither of their performances were good, and if they carry over this form instead of their NPL form into the final weeks, they will fall from grace.

Other Contenders

National PUBG League
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PlayerOne is a huge contender to jump to the top by the end. Their performances have been very consistent, and they are sitting with 171 points. If they can put up the kills and finish near the top in most matches, then they could be a strong contender to win it all.

The same goes for Cloud9. They are a consistent team, but they have failed to find the push to aim for the top. Currently sitting in fifth, they could quickly turn things around and make a push for the top. All they have to do is find a good form, and stick to it for the final weeks. They finished second in the NPL Royale, so there is solid proof that they can finish strong.

There is also always a possibility that an underdog could take the win. Envy just won the NPL Royale, so they will be coming in with great confidence. They currently only have 126 points and are down in eleventh place, but anything can happen. If they are able to pull out more performances like the Royale, they could easily break into the top five.

Who Will Win?

At the end of it all, this will be the top five: The Rumblers will take first, PlayerOne will jump up to second, Tempo Storm will fall into third, Ghost Gaming will be in fourth, and Envy will jump all the way up into fifth.

Tune in next week for more coverage of the National PUBG League.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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