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National PUBG League: NPLC Relegation Weekend

National PUBG League

Now that phase one in the National PUBG League has concluded, the first round of relegation matches has taken place. The bottom six teams of the NPLC played against new teams that are looking to break into the National PUBG League. Who are the new faces that have earned their spot in the NPLC?

NPLC Standings

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The bottom six teams in the NPLC consisted of: The Happy Campers, Zenith Esports, Lowkey Esports, Halocline Gaming and GGWP. Elder Wolves were the bottom spot as they were disqualified from the NPLC.

The new teams looking to fight their way into the NPLC are: Spray, God Squad, Almost, Yellowpike Gaming, Cyberpower Gaming, Team One, 605 Gaming, Elus1ve, LiViD, Omen and Team on Point. These new faces will be eager to win so that they can have the chance to compete in the big leagues.

The Relegation Matches

The struggling NPLC teams will be sweating with the new teams being so eager to make it into the league. Teams like Halocline Gaming and GGWP put on impressive performances and fought hard to make it out of the relegation zone, but even their wins were not enough to keep them safe.

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The competition spanned over three days with teams jumping in and out of the safe zone. After day one, God Squad, Yellowpike Gaming and Almost had moved into a position for promotion. The Happy Campers and GGWP dropped into 11th and 13th place, respectively. They are now in danger of losing their league spots.

After the third day of the competition the teams had solidified their positions. God Squad earned the number one spot followed by Zenith, Almost, Yellowpike, Halocline and Lowkey. The Happy Campers finished in seventh, barely falling out of the NPLC. GGWP also were relegated, finishing in ninth.

With new teams emerging, we could see new tactics and competition come to the NPLC in phase two. Will a newly promoted team take the top in the next phase?

National PUBG League Relegation Preview

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of Cnet

The next round of relegation matches is coming up this weekend and we will get to see who will be next to grace the top league of the NPL. The teams that look most likely to earn promotion from the NPLC are Mustache Dave and PlayerOne Esports. These teams finished in the top two positions and they have been extremely strong throughout phase one. Overconfident are also a big contender for promotion after their impressive showing in the National PUBG League Royale.

When it comes to the National PUBG League teams, there are some that stand out and seem like they could possibly be relegated. Oxymoron ended phase one on the bottom of the table with only 85 kill points to their name. If they can’t find a way to put up some kills, the NPLC teams will beat them out. Noble and Lazarus follow them even after some solid performances over the past few weeks. If they fall short of their best games, they could also fall victim to the NPLC.

Tune in next week to see who moves up to the National PUBG League! Good luck to the players and congratulations to the new NPLC sides.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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