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National PUBG League in 2020: What is Going On?

National PUBG League

PUBG Esports are having a very rocky start in 2020. From delaying events due to the Coronavirus, to teams dropping out of competition, things seem to be headed in the wrong direction. The National PUBG League has especially felt the issues, losing a lot of its momentum and star players. At this point last year, the National PUBG League had already kicked off and started what would be an impressive season. What is going to happen as we continue into 2020?

The Big Change

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

As of now, the National PUBG League’s layout has been scrapped in favor of a return to open qualification. This will work like the open qualification from 2018 as the teams take on what is set for the 2020 Global Series. There will be a lot more competition internationally as compared to the division by nation. All of the teams that qualified for the National PUBG League and NPL Contenders in 2020 will have a spot in the later stages of the PGS Berlin Qualifier.

Alongside all of this, the National PUBG League will be merged with the leagues from Oceania and Latin America to form the Americas region. Now the teams won’t only be representing themselves, but they will be representing a much bigger region.

Dropped Teams

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @OGNEsports on Twitter

Now with the National PUBG League moving into the 2020 Global Series, what is becoming of all of the teams that qualified for 2020 league play? As of right now, many big players have dropped out of PUBG competition overall. Tempo Storm, PlayerOne, Ghost Gaming, SpaceStation, Team Envy, Lazarus, eUnited, and Noble have all left. These teams have either dropped their rosters, or left PUBG Esports altogether. The teams that have dropped rosters have not announced any plans to rebrand, or form a new roster. Many of the dropped players have moved on to teams that are remaining in the game for 2020.

The Remaining Combatants

National PUBG League
Courtesy of @OGNEsports

With all of that change, there are a lot of familiar faces that are staying around. The Rumblers, Genesis, Endemic, Soniqs, Wildcard, Riot Squad Esports, and Comets will all be sticking around. Many of these teams have acquired new players from the disbanded squads, keeping the competition on their toes. With the roster from the National PUBG League seeming so thin, it will be nice to be joined by the other regions that are forming the Americas.

Looking Forward

Without a doubt, more changes will be coming to the remaining teams with players floating around and trades occurring. There is also a lot of space for new teams to slip in, or lower-tier teams getting their chance to jump up into the top league. There is even more room for change with the delay of the competition in Berlin. If you’re a fan of any National PUBG League sides, there is no need to worry. Things are going to be different this time around. Fans will get a chance to see teams perform under different circumstances. The battles should be even more fierce this time around with such a bigger pool of competition.

Tune in again for more coverage of PUBG Esports.

Featured image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

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