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National PUBG League Contenders: Week Three

National PUBG League

After the intense week four of competition in the National PUBG League, the Contenders were ready to come back from their break and get into their own action. The Contenders teams showed that they have the ability to compete with the top dogs in the Royale, so now they are ready to continue to fight for the possibility of moving up. Who will take the points in the NPLC week three?

Match One

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The first match of the day saw a win for Trifecta. As the circle closed in, they were in a one-versus-two situation with Overconfident. Overconfident had a great performance in the Royale, but the momentum from those performances wasn’t enough for their team member, Stab, to overcome Trifecta. Trifecta put up an eight-kill Chicken Dinner to earn some much-needed points in the competition.

Match Two

Mustache Dave came in with a big performance in match two and earned a five-kill win. They continue to hold their number one position and are showing that they don’t plan on leaving. They put in some convincing performances in the Royale, but were not able to take hold of any wins. Winning this match was just another display of their power as a team and showed that they don’t plan on falling.

Match Three

The third match went to Leggo Your Ego who got into an intense firefight with PlayerOne in the buildings of Miramar. Leggo Your Ego used the cover of the buildings to their advantage and took out the final players. They took the win with six kills moving into the final round of the day.

Match Four

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of PC Gamer

The final match of week three was well fought by all of the teams, but Elevate came out on top of everyone. They holed up in a house to hold off Kru who, in the end, let the blue zone take them to keep Elevate from gaining another kill. This solid win concluded an exciting week three.

The Standings

Week three ended with Mustache Dave holding their number one position with 110 points. Elevate are following them in a close second with 98. PlayerOne follows with 88 points and then ReinvenT with 84. Mustache Dave have been holding their number one position for the entirety of phase one and it is looking very likely that they won’t budge.

Week Three Standouts

National PUBG League
Image courtesy of @PUBGEsports on Twitter

The standouts from this week are Trifecta and PlayerOne. Trifecta may be sitting in ninth place, but they showed that they can gain the advantage with some hard work. They took down Overconfident who have been looking very promising, so Trifecta should not be pushed aside. PlayerOne may not have taken any Chicken Dinners, but they picked up the points they needed. If left unchecked, they could make some big moves toward the top.

The Final Week of the NPL

With week three of the NPLC coming to an end, we now look forward to the final week of phase one in the National PUBG League. All of the teams will be looking for very important points as Tempo Storm keeps their commanding lead. Will they continue to hold on for another week?

Tune in next time for more coverage of the National PUBG League!

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