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National PUBG League Contenders: Phase Two Week Two

National PUBG League

Another week has gone by and the National PUBG League Contenders have battled it out once again. All of the teams are fighting their hearts out to earn a chance to be promoted. Promoted teams in the NPL are making a statement and showing that they can move up fast. All of these teams are looking to grab at that same chance. Who came out on top this week?

Match One

National PUBG League

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The contenders kicked off with a big win for Leggo Your Ego. They snagged a solid eight kills as they moved through the match with ease. The match came down to a battle on a hillside in Erangel against week one powerhouse LowKey. They overcame them and managed to keep all of their squad to gain their first win.

Match Two

National PUBG League
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After picking up a win in week one, Soniqs came back and did it again in match two. They put up nine kills as they added to their overall tally. They held off two teams as the zone closed in on Miramar and they were able to hold on to all of their team members. Soniqs are trying their hardest to pull ahead and take the top spot and they keep getting closer with every point.

Match Three

Elevate slipped through in match three with a low kill game. They only put six kills on the board, but they were able to earn the Chicken Dinner. In the end, it came down to a battle against match one winners, Leggo Your Ego. Elevate had the advantage of the high ground as they sat on top of a mountain. LYE tried their best to overcome, but Elevate’s advantage was too much.

Match Four

Match four was a spectacle as Soniqs earned another win. They charged through the other teams in the end, earning 16 kills. Ripe Army tried to hold on until the end, but the blue wall gave Soniqs the advantage. Soniqs keeps adding to their tally as they pull away from the competition. They now sit on top of the league with 107 points and 61 kills. LowKey is below them with 73 points and 42 kills. If Soniqs continue to pull away, they will be a huge favorite to take the top spot.

NPLC Standouts

National PUBG League
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The standouts from this week were Leggo Your Ego and Elevate. Leggo Your Ego are sitting in third and they continue to earn solid points and put up kills. LYE have the potential to breakthrough and head to the top.

Elevate are sitting in fifth, but they earned a Chicken Dinner and have been getting on the table in each match. With only 27 kills, they still have a lot to improve on, but if they keep it up, they could surprise the competition.

The National PUBG League will be returning this weekend and the teams will all be ready to fight it out. The Rumblers are sitting comfortably on top, but there are a lot of teams that could take the throne easily. Who will be the winners in week three?

Tune in again for more coverage of the National PUBG League.

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